Vienna, Liverpool, New Orleans

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Vienna, Liverpool, New Orleans


Vienna , or Wien in German , is the capital of Austria. It stands on the banks of River Danube and is the gateway between east and west Europe. Its music , theatre , museums, and parks make it a popular tourist centre. It has a population of over 1 500 000.

Its history

Vienna has a rich history. Its university opened in 1365, and is one oldest in europe. From 1558 to 1806 it was the centr of the Holy Roman Empire and it became an important cultural centre for art and learning in the 18th and 19th centuries. The famous psychiatrist , Sigmund Freud , lived and worked there.

Its music

Vienna was the music capital of the world for many centries. Haydn , Mozart , Beethoven , Brahms, Schubert , and the Strauss family all came to work here. It is now the home of one of the world´s most famous orchestras , the Vienna Philharmonic. Its State Opera House is also world famous. Liverpool

Liverpool is Britain´s second biggest port , after London. It stands on the banks of River Mersey in north-west England. It is an important passenger port for travel to Ireland and many Irish immigrants live there. It has a population of nearly 500 000. Its history

King John named Liverpool in 1207. The city grew bigger in the 18th century , when it became an important trade centre for sugar , spices , and the slaves between africa , Britain , the Americas, and the west Indies .

Its music

Liverpool´s most famous musicians are the Beatles. In the 1960s this British rock group was popular all over the world. They had 30 top ten hits. They were all born in Liverpool and started the group there in 1959. They fist played at i night club called the Cavern and then travelled the world. One o them , Paul McCartney , is now the richest musician in the world. Many tourists visit Liverpool to see homes of the Beatles. New Orleans

New Orleans is the largest city in Lousiana , USA. It stands on the banks of the Mississippi River and is a busy port and tourist centre. Its population of about 550 000 is very cosmopolitan, wit people from all many countries. Every year people from all over the world visit New Orleans to see its famous Mardi Gras carnival.

Its history

In 1682 the French named Lousiana after the French King, Louis XIV. They built New Orleans in 1718. In 1762 , Louis XV gave it to his cousin Carlos of Spain. Then , in 1800 , it became French again until Napoleon sold it to the USA in 1803.

The French Quarter in New Orleans still has many old buildings and excellent restaurants.

Its music

New Orleans is the home of jazz. Jazz is a mixture of blues , dance songs, and hymns. Black musicians started to play jazz in the laate 19th cntury. Louis Amstrong and Jelly Roll Morton came from the city. New Orleans is most famous for its jazz, but it also has a philharmonic orchestra .

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