Things That Make Me Happy

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Things That Make Me Happy


Happiness is a puzzle consisting of Tisy everyday joys of life. There are
many things that make me feel happy. Our longing for happiness is natural and justifiable. In today´s world people who are rich think that they are happy. Money, cars, houses. People work hard to get these, but once they do and then they immediately feel that more money, second car or a summerhouse will make them happier. Todayś culture measures success by money. People are never satisfied with how much money they have. Once people reach a certain material goal, they believe reaching a higher one will make them happy. Too many people think that buying the right car, right watch, the rught education will improve the chance of being happy. But material things do not make people satisfied. You can enjoy yourself without a lot of money. My happiness is hidden in little things. Especially I feel happy in winter. It is very cold outside but when I get home there are warm rooms, hot dinner and my family. Another little things that make me happy are: a hug, a warm smile from stranger or a smile I get in return when smiling at someone, a card from a friend, when my dentist tells me – no cavities, helping people, summer sunsets, health (of course), an unexpected breeze on summerday, an unexpected “thank you”, receiving a gift “just because”, passing the English test, good book, seeing a favorite programm on TV, snow lightly falling on Christmas Eve, movies with Chris O´Donnell, hockey games with Pavol Rybár, a cup of tea, shopping, people that make me smile just by being near me, hearing my parents say: “ We are proud of you”. , spending time with my closest friends, meeting new people, singing, having my mom a s a best friend, knowing my friends really care about me, when things work out right for a change, knowing that God loves me.....
These are the things that make me happy. Everyone has his own things that make him happy. There is no recipe or instructions for reaching the happiness. .

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