The System of Government in USA

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The System of Government in USA

-based on the principles of Constutution(1787) an Bill of Rights
-powers of gov. into 3 branches:
a) Executive Branch – president, 4 years + 1x4
b) Legislative Branch [´ledзsltiv]
c) Judicial Branch [dзu: di∫l]

a) – head is the president – 4 + 1x4 years, till 1992 Bill Clinton, Arkansas Goverrnor, Demokrat
– 42nd president of USA, he had to carry out the government programmes of Congress
– he recommended laws and programmes to Congress
– appointed federal judges, ambasadors, govern. officials

b) = Congress - Senate + Housse of Repressentatives,
- Senators – 6 years, age – must be over 30, each of 50 states elects 2 Senators (both must be American citizen at least 9, 7 years)
- Representative – 2 years, age – must be over 25, 435 members (a member must be an American citizen at least 7 years)
– congress must approve bills before they become law

c) – headed by Soupreme Court which consist of Chief Justice and 8 Associate Justices
– the Supreme Court decides whether laws are constitutional.

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