The British School System

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The British School System

Do you feel that school life might be easier in another country? Well,read on and see how the school system is organised in Britain. Then you can see who gets an easy life.
PRIMARY SCHOOL-CHILDREN AGED 3-11YEARS OLD.-Often children will enter a nursery class at the age of 3.They spend just the morning playing.All children must go to school when they are 5.
Key Stage One- Children 5-7 years old-Children follow the National Curiculum that the government gives to schools.Every day all British children have literacy and numercy for an hour each .At the age of 7 all children are learning.
Key Stage Two-Children 7-11 years old-Children ahould be worning more independently.They sit in groups of 4-6 sothat they can discuss ideas (talk). Teachers encourage children to ask questions and challenge ideas so that they understand why they arwe learning.They sit another major test at the age of 11. Ofter this helps to decide which class the child will go into in secondary scholl.
SECONDARY SCHOOL-CHILDREN AGED 11-16 YEARS OLD-Pupils are sent to the nearest secondary school to treir home.

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