Tenses (časy)

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Tenses (časy)

Simple present
- infinitive (no to)
1. habit or happens regularly
I go on holiday every year.
2. true for long time
I’m here.
3. fact
Anne has eyes.

Present Continuous
- to be + ing
1. NOW
I’m reading
2. about NOW
She is reading a good book.
3. planned future
I’m going on holiday to Italy.

Present Perfect
- have + past participle
1. past – still true
He’s had a car for 7 years.
2. past - visible results
I’ve broken my arm.
3. past – it can happen again
She has written five books.
4. past – time (when) is not important
I’ve been to San Marino.

Present Perfect Continuous
- have been + ing
1. past – still true
I’ve been living here for 18 years.
2. happened in past with visible results
I’ve been working whole night. Past Simple
- past simple
1. happened in the past at a SPECIFIC TIME
Yesterday, I found a cat.

Past Continuous
- past simple + present continuous
1. happened over a period of time in the past when something else happened
I was thinking about it when you asked me.

Past Perfect
- had + past participle
1. an action in the past which happened BEFORE something else
I had eaten my breakfast before I went to school.

Future Simple
- will + infinitive (no to)
1. prediction
There will be no dogs in the 21st century.
2. future fact
It will rain.
3. offer – made at the moment of speaking
I’ll do it.
4. decision – made at the moment of speaking
“Do you know that Mark has a birthday today?”
“No! I’ll buy him a present!”

Future Continuous
- will + be+ -ing
1. events or actions that will be in progress at specific time in the future
This time tomorrow, I’ll be traveling through France.
2. period of time in the future when something else happens
You’ll be eating when I get home.
3. predicted and expected trends
In the 21st century, people will be living to the age of 130.

Future Perfect Simple
- will + have + past participle
1. actions or events that will already be completed by a SPECIFIC TIME IN THE FUTURE
By the year 2005, I’ll have left school and started work.

Future Perfect Continuous
- will + have + been + -ing
1. the continuous nature of actions and events in the future
On Saturday we’ll been living here for three years.

Zero Conditional
- if + present …present or imperative
1. conditions, which are always true
If Mike reads on the train, he feels sick.
2. scientific facts
If you put paper on a fire, it burns quickly.

If the phone rings, answer it. 1st Conditional
- if + present simple …will
1. a possible situation and its result
If it rains, I’ll stay home.
2. promises, warnings, threats
If you pass your exam, I’ll give you a job.
2nd Conditional
- if + past simple …would / could / might
1. an impossible situation and it’s results
If I were taller, I’d play basketball.
2. to speculate about imaginary or improbable situations
You’d feel healthier if you did more exercise.
3. advice
If I were you, I wouldn’t drive so fast.

3rd Conditional
- if + past perfect …would/ might/ could have + past participle
1. looks back at the past and speculates about possibilities which didn’t happen
If I’d had your address, I’d have sent you a postcard.

Mixed Conditional Sentences (2nd + 3rd)
- if + past perfect … would / could / might
1. links completed past action with a present result
If I hadn’t broken my leg, I would go on holiday with you.

Time Clauses
- when / as soon as + present simple …will
1. future reality
When it rains, I’ll stay home.
As soon as he wins, many people will leave.

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