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In the US, the most popular sports are : baseball, basketball, American football and ice-hockey.
Baseball is played by two teams which play on the grass field. It is played with small ball.
Basketball in played in sports hall. It is played with ball which is bigger than football. In one team play 5 players. There are two teams necessary to play the game. Half time takes 30 minutes. It is very favourite sport because about 20 000 spectators cheer for their team in the hall.
Ice-hockey is famous too. There is the most famous league in the world in the US called: National Hockey League. One game pursue more than 20 000 onlookers. Many of foreign players play and earn the money in NHL. They are players from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden a Finland. Some Slovak players are: Pálffy, Šatan, Hossa and Bondra.
Football is one of the most famous sports in Slovakia. It is played on the stadium with ball. The game is played with two teams. Every team has 11 players. The game is judged by a referee. The aim of the game to score goals onto opponents net. There are professionals and amateurs in Slovakia. Professionals earn money by playing football. They must to train hard. Amateurs have other job except football. I go out for a football every Sunday in the summer.
Ice-hockey is very famous winter sport. The game is played with hockey stick and puck.

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