Slovakia (opis)

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Slovakia (opis)

The official name of Slovakia is Slovak republic, but people speak only Slovakia.
Slovakia is a small country in the middle Europe with area of 49 035 square kilometres. This country has a population of 5, 5 million. Slovakia borders with the Czech Republic (240 km), Poland (579 km) Ukraine (98 km), Hungary (678 km) and Austria (107 km). Slovakia has the longest limit with Hungary and the shortest limit has with Ukraine. In northerly Slovakia these is to running Carpathian Mountains. These mountains are valley river area split to several mountains. The nicest mountains are the Tatra, which has the highest hill Gerlach. Gerlach is 2 655 metres high. Except mountains Slovakia has got lowlands, too. The Dunabe lowland is the biggest lowland. Other lowland are Zahorska lowland and East Slovak lowland, which is near Kosice. Slovakia has got many rivers, because it is a mountain country. The longest river of Slovakia is the Vah, which is the national river, too. The Danube is the wateriest river, because began in Alpines (Germany). A lot of rivers begin in mountains, for example the Nitra, the Hron, the Ipel, the Bodroh, but also mentioned the Vah.
Slovakia nature is very beautiful and unique. The Capital city of Slovakia is Bratislava. Bratislava is the biggest city of Slovakia, too. This town has a population of about 0, 5 millions. The river Danube runs across this town. Bratislava is central markets, finances and politic and it is the most important city of Slovakia.

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