Slovakia food

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Slovakia food

There are a lot of meals which we now, prepare and eat. Our day starts with breakfast as in other countries. Many people prefer light breakfast to heavy breakfast because they haven’t got enough time to prepare difficult meal. The typical breakfast in Slovakia is bread with butter and something. I like jam but it can be ham or cheese too. I like the bread with vegetable too, for example with radish or onion. We can have the sausages or the muslin with yoghurt too. We drink to breakfast something without alcohol. I drink juice, my mother coffee and my brother and father like a sweet lemonade. The main meal we have a lunch. It consist of soup and the second meal. The soup can be stock or meat soup, but my favourite soup is tomato. The second meal includes the meat for example roast chicken grilled fish or a steak. We eat chipped potatoes or boiled rice with this meat. This is the mostly type of lunch but my favourite meal is buns with cocoa and sugar. I drink a milk with it.

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