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Slovakia is a little landscape in Middle Europe. In Slovakia lives in the neighbourhood of 5,4 million inhabitant on area 49 036 kilometres
square. Slovaks come under Slavic group people. In Slovakia live 85,7% Slovak people. In Slovakia lives also national minorities. The biggest minority – Hungarian - create 10.8% population of
Slovakia that is about 530 000 people. Then here live Ruthenians – 0.3%,
Ukrainians – 0.3%. Czech people create 1% population of Slovakia.
The Head of the state is Slovak president. Now stand’s at the head of Slovak republic Rudolf Schuster. At the head of government is prime minister. The momentaly prime minister is Mikuláš Dzurinda.
Slovakia is divided on outsides and outsides are divided to districts. Slovakia is divided to four basic areas namely eastern, western, northern and
southern. In Slovakia is momentaly 8 edges: Bratislavský, Trnavský, Trenčiansky, Nitriansky, Žilinský, Bansko Bystrický, Prešovský and Košický. In Slovakia are 79 districts. The biggest district is the district of Levice with
an area 1551 kilometres square and number of inhabitants is around 121 one thousand.
Capital city of Slovakia and at the same time biggest city is Bratislava. Bratislava is regional town of the Bratislava outside. In Bratislava live about 452 one thousand people on area 368 kilometres square. The second biggest city is Košice. In Košice live around 241 one thousand people. Košice have an area of
245 kilometres square. The highest mountains of Slovakia are High Tatras. Their highest pinnacle is Gerlachovský Štít. The height of Gerlachovský Štít is 2 655 metres above sea level.
The biggest river in Slovakia is Danube, but the Danube doesn’t rise in Slovakia. The Danube rise’s in Black Forest in Germany. The longest river is Váh. It is 390 kilometres long. The Váh later immanatite’s to Danube and Danube to Black Sea. Slovakia’s most developed industry is machine, metallurgic, chemical and foodstuffs industry. The biggest chemical factory is in Bratislava, the Slovnaft and the biggest metallurgic factory, the U.S.Steel(the old name was VSŽ Košice), is in Košice.
The most responsible products of agriculture are cereals(maize, wheat, sugar-beet, oily and tobacco plants) and in animal production bovine livestock, sheep, swine poultry. The Slovak gentile tree is Lime Coarse. The currency of Slovakia is Slovak crown.

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