Sightseeing of Bratislava

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Sightseeing of Bratislava

The Bratislava Castle is the dominant of Bratislava over its historical centre. It is one of the city's most visible landmarks and it is a symbol of the region's rich history and a National Cultural Monument. Its origins lie in the Celtic and Roman period. In 1811 it was damaged by fire and in 1968 fully reconstructed. Today the Bratislava Castle houses the representative halls of the Slovak National Council, the Slovak Government, and the exhibitions of Slovak National Museum. The Devín Castle was frontier fortress of the Great Moravia standing over the confluence of the River Moravia and Danube on the place of the ancient Celtic settlement. In 1809 was blown up and ruined by Napoleon's troops. After reconstruction the castle has been opened for public. It is a symbol of old Slavonic past.
Slavín is one of the Bratislava's modern landmarks and a memorial and cemetery for members of the Soviet Army. It is the resting place of 6,845 soldiers who fell in the battle to liberate Bratislava and western Slovakia. A tall pylon bearing a bronze statue of Victory tops the imposing hall of ceremonies. St. Martin's Cathedral was from 1563 to 1830 the coronation church of Hungarian kings and queens. It has been built in Gothic style and in 18th century rebuilt in the Baroque style. On its top there is a gilded spire (= gothic tower). The Michael's Gate in the Michael's Tower was a part of original city fortification (the main tower with lift bridge). It was built at the beginning of 14th century and it used to be one of the four entrances to the city in the Middle Ages. Today the tower houses the Exhibition of Weapons of the City Museum (arms and armours). There is an observation platform; you can get a nice view of city court. Near the Michael's Gate is situated an old historical pharmacy museum called "At the red crayfish". Academia Istropolitana was the first university in Slovakia founded in 1465 by the king Mathias Corvinus. There were four faculties - the Arts Faculty, the Law Faculty, the Theological Faculty and the Medical Faculty. In present, the original building of Academia Istropolitana is the seat of Academy of dramatic Arts. The Primatial Palace is the most out standing Classicist palace in the town, built in 18th century as the residence of Archbishop of Esztergon. It is situated in the Primatial Square near the Old Town Hall.

The most known and most beautiful is the Mirror Hall of the Primatial Palace (the Municipal Gallery is situated there). Today the palace serves as the seat of Mayor of Bratislava as well as the facility for exhibitions and cultural events. There was signed the peace treaty between the French army of Napoleon and Austria army. The Old Town Hall is one of the oldest stone buildings of Bratislava. It is situated in the Main Square near the Maximilian's (Roland's) Fountain - the oldest fountain in the city (1572). The Old Town Hall was originally the Gothic style house built in 14th century. Since 15th century it has been used as the Town Hall. The Old Town Hall houses the Municipal Museum.
The Grassalgovich Palace is the Rococo style palace with French garden from 18th century. In present, it is the residence of the President of the Slovak Republic. The Slovak Nation Theatre was built in 1886 based on design of the Viennese architects F. Fellner and H. Helmer who specialised in theatres throughout central Europe. It is situated in the Hviezdoslav Square with the statue of Hviezdoslav opposite. In front of the theatre building is situated Ganimedes fountain. Reduta was erected in the place of the old granary, dating from the time of Maria Theresa. At the beginning of the 20th century this public building was constructed. Today it is the seat of the Slovak Philharmonic, where the Bratislava Music Festival takes place each autumn.
In Bratislava there are many others interesting places and buildings to see (the Ducks fountain in Šafárik Square).

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