Robert Louis Stevenson Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Robert Louis Stevenson Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Book: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Type of book: Novel
Name of author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Number of pages: 76

Description of main characters:

Dr. Jekyll:
He was a hard working man who liked science and experiments. He was strong, large and a well-made man with his good and bad sides.

Mr. Hyde:
A short evil man with a strong, heavy body but he was thin, bony and hairy. There was something ugly and unpleasing, really hateful. Nobody liked him.

Mr. Utterson:
Mr. Utterson was a lawyer, he was a quiet, serious man. He was shy with strangers and afraid of showing his feelings. But among friends he was open, good and kind.

Mr. Enfield:
He was a distant cousin and a very good friend of Mr. Utterson. He and his cousin were different from each other in every way but they often took long walks together speaking to each other.

Dr. Lanyon:
He was interested in the same things as Dr. Jekyll but at one time he thought that Henry Jekyll became too imaginative. He developed some strange, wild, unscientific ideas and so they stopped meeting each other.

The story begins with the walk of Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield. They were walking through the streets of London. They stopped in front of a black old house. Enfield remembered a story. One day when he was walking near the house, he saw a girl and a short man. They bumped into each other and the girl fell down. The short man walked calmly over the child's body. The girl started to cry. Enfield caught the man and brought him back. A small crowd was already around the girl. There was a doctor, too. He said that the girl was more frightened than hurt. Enfield and the doctor wanted money from the short man who's name was Hyde for the girl and they warned him that they would tell the story over London. Thus the man decided to pay 100 pounds. 10 pounds in gold and 90 pounds by check, but signed with the name Henry Jekyll and not with the name Hyde. But Hyde promised to go to the bank and change the money and so he did. Enfield and the doctor didn't like the man because there was something evil on him. Enfield's cousin Utterson decided, after this story, to meet Hyde but not only for this story but because his client Dr. Jekyll wrote a will. He wrote that if he would die or disappear for more than 3 months, all his money should be inherited by Mr. Hyde. So Utterson went to see Dr. Lanyon and ask about Mr. Hyde. Dr. Lanyon didn't know anything about Hyde and he didn't speak to Dr.

Jekyll a long time because he thought that Dr. Jekyll's ideas became unscientific. One day Utterson heard about a murder. A girl saw the murderer. It was Hyde. The victim was Sir Danwers Carew. He was a client of Mr. Utterson. Utterson was asked by the police if he knew something about Hyde. He took the police to the home of Mr. Hyde. Nobody except a servant was at home. Utterson was concerned and went to Dr. Jekyll. Dr. Jekyll assured Mr. Utterson that Hyde would never return and that he wouldn't do anything bad. Utterson didn't understand why he was so sure. Two weeks later Dr. Lanyon died. Later Mr. Utterson got a letter from Lanyon with a message that he shouldn't open it till Dr. Jekyll wouldn't be dead or disappear. Mr. Utterson was an honest man so he didn't open the envelope. One day Utterson was walking with his cousin by the Jekyll house and they saw Dr. Jekyll looking out of the window sadly. They invited him to join their walk but Dr. Jekyll refused. Later Poole, Jekyll's servant, came to Mr. Utterson's house and took him to see Dr. Jekyll because the servants were woried. After Utterson had arrived Poole took an axe and broke the door. Utterson and Poole entered Jekyll's laboratory. When they came into the study they saw a man laying on the floor. It was Edward Hyde. There were three letters. Mr Utterson opened them. The first was a will. It was the same but the doctor had left his money to Gabriel John Utterson. The second letter was a permission to open Lanyon's letter. The third was a confession. So Utterson went home and read all letters. The first letter that Utterson read was the letter from Lanyon. There was a story. Lanyon should go to the Jekyll's house and take some packets of chemical powders, a small bottle and a book. Then return to his house and wait for a man and give him the things. When the man came Lanyon was excited and he invited the man into his house. The man mixed the chemicals together. The liquid changed from red to purple, and from purple to a watery green. He drunk it and he changed himself to Dr. Jekyll. Now Utterson opened the third letter - the confession. Therein Jekyll explained everything. He was hard working but he was funny and he wanted to do what he wants. So he decided to try to make a drug that would change himself to someone who would enjoy the life. He tried many things until he found the right mixture. He changed himself many times and he liked it. But after the murder he couldn't go out like Hyde.

He was happy because he had to take more and more drugs to be Jekyll again. So he said to himself that he didn't want to change to Hyde anymore. And one shiny day when he was in the park he felt bad. He looked at himself and saw Hyde. But he didn't have a key to get into the house through the back door and he couldn't go in freely because of the servants. So he wrote the letter to Lanyon. He didn't want to happen this again so he stayed at home. But he changed to Hyde again and again. The evil Hyde was too strong for Jekyll and he had to take every time more of the drugs to stay a Jekyll. But one time, after mixing the chemicals together the liquid didn't change the colour to green. He knew that He would never be Jekyll again because he had only a little bit of the drug. Something unidentified made the drug effective and the drug was an accidental discovery that couldn't be repeated. So Jekyll wrote the letter to the end and died as Hyde.

The main "message" of the book:
The fight between the good and the bad features in a human being.

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