Project - English and me

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Project - English and me

I think English is the most popular language in the world. Everybody wants to know speak english.So why not me? English is international language which has many uses. If you want to get a good job in work, you need to know a minimum of two languages. If you are interested in computers or in the internet you also need to know english.
So why I did start to study the english language? The answer is simple, I‘m interested in studing the english language because I‘m interested in computers, the internet and almost everythink that is in english language. Starting to learn English was very hard. I have been learning English for about 7 years. My English has improved greatly from the first time that i went to the United States.
When my father first told me that I was going to the U.S.A. I was very confused. I was only 11 years old and I spoke very little english. But time has come and gone and now I don‘t even know how I was in U.S.A.My first time in the U.S. was very hard. When I went over my host family was always asking me things and I couldn‘t understand them. From that time on I decided to study english harder so that next time that I went to the U.S. I could speak too everyone about everything. The two months that I was in U.S.A. I learned so much. When I left the U.S. I was very sad about it! I was only 11 years old, but I have some confidence feeling that english is like my second mother tongue. It was great when I came to my class and I started to speak with my teacher with english. I was proud of myself. But I didn‘t speak english for another year, so I forgot some phrases and words. But the next time I went to the U.S.A., I was so very proud of myself, now could now speak english well. Everybody was asking me how I learn such good english. I told them that if you are alone in another state that speaks with another language you start to learn their language quickly. They were so inpresed. From the time I spent in the U.S. I found out that American people are very nice to each other. Of the two times that I was in the U.S.A., I improve my english very much and gained many valuable language skills.
This past year went to the U.S.A. again. I think I found the most lovely and nice people on the earth. I was in their house for one month but it was the nicest month of my life. I learn so much in speaking and converstaing with my people. The family that I spent the month with is now like my second famiy.

Every day my host brother teaches my something new and i gained a many experiences. By going thru these hinders I gained very precious experiences that nobody can steal it from me!
My planes for future are very interesting, I want to keep studing the english language and continue to do my 4 school years.In the third grade I think I will go study this grade to U.S.A..It will be good experienc for me!When I finish the middle school I will move to study high school to another county.I dont now now which one it will be but I think it will be in U.S.A. or in England.It will be for me hrd times to study abroad.I will study for lawyer or physics.When I finaly complet my studies I will stay in the country for probably another 4-5years.So I can contionou studiing the language and geting experiences in work.I dont think I will move back to my home country.If I find there better job then in my country I will stay there.
So this are the thinks why I like english and why I start studiing it!I hope my planes will meet.Im so happy and thanks full that I hve the oportunity which my father give me to visit other countries and learn.
I think if somebody wants to learn english and wants to know english he needs to study hard and after a period of time it will come.Trust me!.

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