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Personall essay


I am Martina, 16 years old student of school and life. I was born to the most wonderful parents imaginable. I am very thankful to them for all the love and support.There have been many people that have had an influence on my life. My family, friends and teachers all have affected my life in some way. Ever since I was a child, my mom raised me to recognize and appreciate various kinds of friends. She taught me that I should appreciate and value all friendships that come into my life, no matter how deep or superficial.My parents and my brother are my best friends. They are always there for me. If I am frustrated with any problem, they will always work it out with me. My dad taught me that I must take responsibility for all my actions. A piece of advice I often recieved from my dad is: as long as I do my best, I will have success. I am very close to my brother. I can express myself to him and let him know how do I feel. He gives me confidence. I take all of his advices he gives to me.I admire him in what he has achieved in school, and I try to be like him. My family is a place where I can return every time and I feel comfortable and happy there. I have a lot of friends who accept me as I am, belive in me and never judge me. I know I can rely on my best friends.They are basically like my family.I do not hesitate to share the deepest feelings or thoughts with them. I am a very quiet, thoughtful person.When I am with my friends I usually prefer to listen to people and their problems and try to help them rather than spreading rumors and gossip. I like to joke around and have a good time instead of always beeing serious. I am very sensitive, I do not get irritated easily and very rarely I am in bad mood.I am in that opinion that we should not judge people by their relatives or by the life they were born. I try to teach myself to speak slowly but think quickly. And I follow the three“R´s“: respect for self, respect for others and responsibility for all my actions. I do not just listen to what someone is saying, I listen to why they are saying it. In the shool I learn quickly and I think I have visual and logical kind of thinking. I try to learn as much as possible about what I am studying. I try to turn in complete work on time. Numerous extracurricular activities are provided on our school, so I can get involved with school in many different places.

School is a place where I look forward coming every day, not a place I dread and do not want to be at. For some people cheating is the only way how to get anywhere in life. I desagree with that opinion. I think being a honest person can build great character in life. High school is a very important time in persons life. This is the time to set goals and to find solutions. One of my goals is to graduate high school. And this goal may be also accomplished by paying attention in class ( there are a lot of things to learn that school teaches us ).I think that if I develop at young age good study habits and really care about my work then I will benefit from it for the rest of my life. Studying English has always been my hobby. In my opinion English is the most important language. The knowledge of English allows me to communicate with people from other countries and learn about their cultures and it will also assist me in practical ways. Learning English opens up totally new doors and allows me to have a much more broad range of experiences. That is the reason why I wish to take part in this scholarship program.
For the first time I left my parents, friends and my native language was during the summer vacation. I spent one month in United States by a host family. It was an incredible experience for me. I traveled from Vienna to Frankfurt and to Chicago just with my classmate. I had a really nice time there, I felt like at home- my host family became my real family. In my free time I do sport. I was a member of a swimming club on the basic school. I quit because I study in another town and I rent a flat with my schoolmates there, so I go home only during weekends. I enjoy having my „own“ flat with my three schoolmates. I am usually the one who cooks and tides the rooms.We often help each other with studying. During the year I practise different kinds of sports: cycling , roller skating, swimming, table tennis, hiking, volleyball, basketball.My favorites sport is ice hockey. To be exact- watching ice hockey, particularly NHL. I am a „hockey freak“. I do not do sport to beat someone. I do it because it is fun, because I like it. But it is great feeling to win. You know that you are good at it and that you are better than someone else and it gives you self-confidence. Reading is an important part of my life. I read books for pleasure or when I want to learn something or I take book as a good way to relax. Book is neccessary thing in my life. My disposition to this hobby comes from my grandpa- he also reads a lot.

I like music, singing and dancing and I play the quitar.
My plans for the future are to graduate high school, later college. I would like to become psychologist or a teacher. The reason of becoming a psychologist is that I like to hear what people say and I would like to help them. It is possible that I may have a career that is not the highest paid or the most prestigious, but as long as I am happy and I do the job to the best of my ability, I will feel like I have accomplished something. .

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