Our forest

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Our forest

Forest is a community of organisms living in the forest soil, trees, herbs, fungi and animals that live in their mutual relations.

Les has a number of similar definitions:

General: The crop, which is developed from the ceiling crown

geo-ecological: A grouping of organisms (ecosystem), which determine the overall character of the plants (usually arborescent stature)

Forestry: The generally accepted definition of forest is considered a forest stand, the trees reach a height of at least 5 mA canopy crowns at least 25%.

Forests have ecological importance, are part of the country, economic importance and are essential for the health and welfare of man.

Forests regulate temperature and humidity of the country. Under the trees is always several degrees cooler. (While it is known that such material would be done in the weight as much heat as a living tree). Tree roots reinforce the soil, which is important especially on river banks or steep slopes of the mountains, where slow erosion. Trees are large emitters of oxygen from the air and vice versa remove the cumulative carbon dioxide they need for photosynthesis process. Les also captures dust particles and contributes to the elimination of certain harmful substances from the air.

Forests are home to many plants and animals which provide food and shelter. They are part of the food chain. The forest is high species biodiversity.

Forests are also of considerable economic importance, where in addition to their enjoyment opportunities for tourism and leisure activities, enabling logging.

Distribution of forests by nature

Tropical forests

Deciduous forests

Coniferous forests

Mixed forests



The traditional division of deciduous forests and coniferous forests is not very appropriate because the spine is also a tree leaf. Neither the distribution of deciduous forests and evergreen forests does not, because all the leaves of trees (including knitting) in certain cycles, deciduous.


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