Oscar Wilde, G.B. Shaw

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Oscar Wilde, G.B. Shaw

Oscar Wilde
Dramatist, playwriter, poet, brilant essey and novel writer. The other of beautifull who would know his "The Happy Prince" or "Nighteengale and the Rose", his novel "The picture of Norian Greyn. He wrote several comedies. The importants Been Earnes. When he excells a music situation and writting dialogoues.
His mother was poets and father surgeon. They were well-to-do and so Oscar recived the best private education and he graduated on Oxford university.
He travell a lot in the US, in France, Greece, languages came easy to him. Later on he against Victorian invens with extra dresses and conventional views light at
He died in Paris and he was The biggest dramatics of 19. th century but 2nd to Shakespeare.

Georg Bernard Shaw
He is the greatest playwriter in English drama but the second after Shakespeare. He was born 1856, died in 1950.
He started as a prozewriter in 19 century, but he wasn`t succesul. He made his reputation as a journalist. He was bussy at work as a critic of music and drama and books at the turn of the centuries he started to write the plays if his own and after 12 years he gained his fame. his bestknow plays are: "Widower`s Houses.", "Major Barbara", "Pygmalion", "St.Joan" "Men and Supermen" and some others
He was very witty personality. The dialogues in his plays are very witty too. He experimented with spelling and punctuation f.e. apostrophes.
His "St. Joan"the only one historical play is very minute describtion scene and setting, their costumes.. He is very rich in details. he even describes mental havits of his heros. His plays there for doesn`t read very well. His plays is better stages.
Linelight of his creation selly is his "Pygmalion" made into musical comedy->"My Fair Lady." That is much better know to world theatre audiences and cinema-govers too because it was also filmed.
"Pygmalion" why sich a title? Well, the idea of the play originated an antique myth: In ancient sculpturer Pygmalion, while creating statue of beautiful girl Galatea, fell in love with his creation. His love was so big that he began to pray to Afrodite to the Goddies of Love to breath life into the statue. The goddiess made the creation a live and in the end of the story Pygmalion married Galatea.
In the more contepery the play seems to be more real: Mr.

Higgins- like Pygmalion, attemps to make a dutches out of the flower girl- Eliza Doolittle.
Musical comedy was much more interesting for 20th centuries auciencen because the plot was intervoven with pleasing catching melodies.

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