My Favourite Room

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My Favourite Room

I live in a block house, which have 4 rooms. And I have to write about one of them. It isn’t problem, to choose one of them. My favourite room is of course children’s room. It is situated on the right side the corridor. It isn’t only mine, I live there with my older brother Martin. But he is now in Bratislava and so at the present, it is my own room. It is quite big, with a big window in front of the door. There are some wardrobes, and bookcases on the right side of this room. We have there our books, exercise books, some photos and things which belong us. In the past, the biggest wardrobe was on the right side and the table was opposite the window. But one year ago we changed it. Now we have there more place. But it isn’t so important for us, because we are too big to play there with toys. On the table is the most important thing in the room – there’s a computer. We have here ours beds, so we sleep here. On the wall, which is next my bed, there are my posters of bodybuilders. My brother has on his wall posters with Nirvana, Curt Cobain and motorbikes. Those are our hobbies. I brought from Greece a big flat, which is now above the computer. Very beautiful is my wardrobe, where I have some postcards. Some of them are from Greece, Czech Republic, Philadelphia, Niagara Falls, Gaderska Dolina, and very nice caricature of Mona Lisa.
But the things, which are in our room, aren't so important. Main things are what were happened there. We spent there all our birthdays, festivals and celebrations. When we have some calls, who are our friends, they always go to children's room. I spend there all my free time, which I don't spend out or in the gym. When I'm learning I learn there. I’m listening there to my favourite music, playing games on computer, or watching TV. We of course sleep there, and sometimes we eat here, but only in secret. We can’t eat here, we have to eat in the kitchen. But in the past, we always eat here. In the past we were fighting here with our friends or between us. We broke my bed when we were jumping on it. We have done here a lot of break- neck things .I broke my finger here. We destroyed some flowerpots and then mother was very angry and now we don’t have here any flowers. Me and my friend Roman were planning here our top secret plans, for destroying enemies .It was the main base and secret area with the best army defense.
I can’t introduce my childhood without this room. It is really the best room in our house.

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