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Mobile Phone Siemens C35i

Small. Light. Sexy.

High on style and elegance. Low on weight and space. Functional simplicity blending intense clarity with real staying power and mobile web access. The C35 fits to the lifestyle you choose to live. The clear, user-friendly interface (including selectable menu levels and animated graphics) puts you completely and easily in control. Dual Band technology and long talk and stand-by time keep you firmly in communication.

After a very close battle, Siemens takes the number one spot and Best Buy award in our brand new Mobile phones chart. The C35i doesn’t offer some of the advanced features seen on other phones in the chart, instead opting for a simple, easy-to-use approach. The C35i uses’s WAP browser. We found its implementation was better than other manufacturers’. Siemens has customised the look and feel of the browser so that it appears to be an integrate part of the phone rather than something tacked on as an afterthought. You can also store up to five WAP dialup settings, which will be useful if your contract specifies that calls to particular phone codes (0845/0870, for example) are only included in the calltime tariff at particular times of the day. Despite its small screen (33x20mm) the C35i is remarkably usable, displaying up to three lines of text while browsing. The menu is intuitive and predictive text makes tapping out messages a breeze. Four games will keep you busy on the train and there are 20 preset tones and the obligatory tone composer. You won’t find added extras such as infrared or voice dialling but, if you’re after an easy-to-use WAP-enabled phone for a competitive price (the handset is free on contract), choose this one.
To meet the demand for information and entertainment features on mobile handsets, Siemens has launched the C35i, the company's first "consumer class" WAP phone with an integrated WAP 1.1 browser. It is a dual band GSM 900 and 1800 for roaming within the GSM network, and has triple rate vocoders for superior speech quality.

Designed to appeal to the increasingly sophisticated age sector of 16 - 30, the stylish handset includes exciting new entertainment features such as "Picture Messaging" and "Calling Faces".
Picture Messaging allows the user to send fun and emotive images instead or in addition to text messages via SMS. Calling Faces adds further emotional value to every call by allowing you to add amusing and personal face icons to important names in your address book.

When your mobile phone rings, the screen will flash with your chosen face.
Weighing 110 grams, the C35i, available in various colours, has a standby time of up to 180 hours** and a talk time of up to 300 minutes**. With features such as stopwatch, currency converter, silent alert, clock with date and time stamp and calculator, the C35i is set to raise the standard of mobile phones for the growing demands of the private users.
Additional entertainment features include games and a ring tone melody composer.

Users are able to personalise their C35i by selecting the menu level, the menu format and through programming own user profiles to meet their individual needs. For example the menu level can be set to "fast" if simple tasks such as making and receiving calls is all that is required.
Alternatively, more sophisticated users may choose the "complete" setting to use all the phone's features. Furthermore menu items can be enlarged to just one line on the display, aiding and simplifying the display for those with poor eyesight.

Weighing 110 grams, the C35i, available in various colours, has a standby time of up to 180 hours** and a talk time of up to 300 minutes**. With features such as stopwatch, currency converter, silent alert, clock with date and time stamp and calculator, the C35i is set to raise the standard of mobile phones for the growing demands of the private users.

On sale in April both the C35i and S35i are dual band GSM 900 and 1800 for roaming within the GSM network, and have triple rate vocoders for superior speech quality.

"Siemens is aiming to increase its sales in mobile phones within two years sixfold to 60 million units by 2001. The C35i and S35i represent both the beginning of our programme to achieve these targets, and a very exciting year for the consumer as we continue to raise the standard in technically superior, desirable mobile phones," said Zapf.
C35i Technical Specification
• Network frequency: GSM Dual Band 900 and 1800 MHz
• Voice encoding: Triple Rate
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 118 x 46 x 21 mm
• Weight: 110 grammes Volume: 88 cm³
• Display: High resolution, up to 5 lines
• Stand-by time: from 50 up to 180 hours*
• Talktime: from 90 up to 300 mins*
• Standard battery: NiMH 500 mAh
• Charging time: 2 hours 100%
• Antenna: Fixed Helix
• Mobile Internet Access: WAP 1.1**
• Telephone book: Up to 250 entries (depending on SIM card), additional 100 entries in the
• Silent Alert
• SMS: Incl.

Picture Messaging and Intelligent Typing (T9)
• Calling Faces: Creates amusing images which are displayed when subject calls
• Time/Date/Alarm
• Time and date stamp: Last 10 missed and incoming calls
• Redial List: last 10 numbers
• Stopwatch
• Reminder List: up to 30 entries
• Currency converter
• Calculator
• Ringing tones: 20 incl. DJ sounds, plus composer
• User Profiles
• Selectable Menu Format
• Selectable Menu Levels
• Games: Various
• Built-in Modem
• SIM Application Toolkit: class 3

The Siemens C35i combines function with understated elegance that differentiates it from its bulkier predecessors. At 116 gram, the Dual Band-enabled phone possesses a slim build (118 x 46 x 21mm) that fits nicely into shirt pockets, is relatively pleasant to look at and comes in classic black. Despite an external antenna on the top left of the phone, the C35i remains aesthetically pleasing. The 5-line high-resolution display is quite cramped for a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) -enabled phone, making it difficult to surf through large graphics. A drawback is the use of nickel hydride batteries, which require specified recharge durations to prevent loss of power-saving ability. However, Siemens does provide a special "Battery Care" function that will fully discharge the battery so that it may be recharged, which will take up to five hours. Reception does not disappoint and neither does the battery life of the phone, which provides up to 300 minutes of talk time and 180 hours of standby time. Siemens is the next company after Nokia to come up with Picture Messaging, with a function known as "Calling Faces” that identifies callers with assigned bitmaps. Interesting features include a melody composer, phonebook space for 250 different caller information (with VIP Phonebook - which separates frequently accessed numbers) and a Call button that also functions as an on/off switch for the ringtone. A built-in comprehensive phone guide provides a handy Usage Hints option that may be accessed from just about every section of the user-friendly features menu. With its classic good looks and easy-to-use functions, the Siemens C35i is worth more than a second look. Siemens C35i
A new portfolio of Siemens phones is coming out short after its CeBIT premiere. First we will deal with the Siemens C35i, the least expensive of the new models, a phone that could be classified as "upper low-end class" using the automobile nomenclature. Let me contemplate a bit. It is being discussed whether new modern up-to-date low-end phones can compete with formerly very expensive executive phones (such as Nokia 6100/6150 or Ericsson SH888) sold out at a similar price level. I suppose that Siemens C35i is one of the phones for which we could answer positively.

Siemens C35i does not fit the low-end category, although the price falls into it. And a last remark about the phone name. The C35i name is not purposeless. It indicates that the phone is WAP enabled. Only Siemens phones designated for markets with WAP supporting networks are equipped with WAP, probably as part of the 'grey' re-export protection. So Siemens C35 without the 'i' won't be WAP enabled. Design
Siemens learned its lesson from the successful S25 model as well as from the unsuccessful SL10 when designing the C35. This sleek curve shaped phone is nice to hold in a hand and it doesn't rock on a table. It has some sort of skids on the back of the cover that it rests on - another supporting point is the backwards-bent antenna. The plastic silver display lining is a good idea - it looks impressive and it doesn't cost much. The antenna itself is funny shaped - for health reasons it's bent away from the head; it is not rounded like on other phones, it is flat. Model S35 has an built-in antenna
Siemens supplies phones in several distinctive colours - black, red, and blue. Phones don't have replaceable covers - you will have to buy the right colour or find someone who will replace it for you (surely there will be someone soon). Batteries are not part of the cover, the 'akupack' is inserted in the phone and covered by a plastic moulding. SIM card is placed in a special holder next to the batteries and inserted into the phone. So, it is very unlikely that the holder would wear off, as it used to happen with Nokia little sockets for example. Display
Display is used very efficiently - to the last bit. It is a five-line 101 x 54 pixel display. Unfortunately it only uses three lines for WAP. It shows the signal strength, (note the line number - 1 - in the signal indicator in the photograph) battery status, date and time as well as the operator's name. The last line is reserved for the menu keys legend. If you send an SMS message, a confirmation of its delivery rotates on the display bellow the operator's name, which moves up. You can quit its displaying by the little red phone. Black and white, high quality, well-defined, illuminated display. Illumination can be turned off. If your eyesight is weaker you will certainly appreciate the large font option. However, scrolling through the menu will become slightly less convenient because you will see only the item you are currently positioned on rather than the one before and after the current one as well. I will also mention animations and symbols.

Phone can become less playful and more serious by switching off the animations. You can also select one of three graphic appearances directly in a profile (more about this later). Performance
Siemens C35 uses a NiMH 500 mAh on 3.6 V. I admit the phone battery duration was not very fascinating. The firm declares 50-180 hours stand-by or 90-300 minutes talktime. But in practice the Siemens C35 remained close to the lower end of the range. - It would last over two days when practically unused. But with extended usage of SMS (hence display illumination) and calling, the battery easily wears out in one day. So, it necessarily loses some points here!
Practical tip proved from the previous models. Switch off the automatic network selection, cell broadcast (which is useless for us anyway) and display illumination. How do you read data on your phone without illumination? You press and hold the red power button. Menu and Phone Operating
The menu style matches the Siemens S25 trend - you can scroll through the menu using the keys bellow the display. The keys are divided in half, which means the left and right sides may have a different meaning; this will prove in WAP. Menu items are in some cases animated. The top level menu items are as follows: SIM Toolkit menu (if there is a toolkit SIM card), Internet (this is the first menu item), Work and Leisure, Messages, Phone books, Profiles, Ring tones, Time/Cost, Diverting, Phone settings, Useful tips (basically Help). You will basically have no troubles with the menu. And if it seems too long to you can reduce the menu to the important functions, according to Siemens, using the Menu mode. No personalization of this 'abbreviated' menu is possible. Pity! The more expensive Motorolas have dealt with this nicely. You can use shortcut keys for moving through the menu.
Phone operating is smooth and I would say you get accustomed to it quickly. One key is reserved for phone book access; it can also be used when typing SMS for entering the recipient's name. . Scrolling down the SMS messages menu, you can see how many messages are stored in individual folders. As you type, help is displayed on the screen which letters and numbers are still available for the key you are currently using. Making Calls and Phone Book
C35 learned from its older brothers. You can operate a classical phone book as well as a 100-entry memory, which will certainly come in handy. You can also create so called red phone book (sometimes called - the VIP directory/list) to rearrange and store important phone numbers.

To filter only calls from numbers stored in the VIP directory can be assigned to certain profiles. Or vice versa let through only the normal phone book entry calls. The VIP directory/list can be activated by double-clicking the phone book button. A special key for the phone book access is by all means a great thing. For incoming alerts for messages and calls, an icon from a graphic library within the phone can be associated with numbers stored in memory (not in the SIM). If this person calls you, the icon will show on the display along with his name. It would possibly be more appropriate to be able to set a unique ring type rather than graphics, like with the Nokia 3210 - but Siemens evidently didn't want to imitate. A phone number can be associated with a key (2-9) for the speed dial function. - key 1 is reserved to the voice mailbox, 0 enables you to activate help with perhaps all international access codes. And that's still not all. You can associate the keys 2-9 not only with a phone number but with a function as well. So, you are not restricted to the personalized left menu button and have more key positions for quick access to straight to a menu it. You can choose from SMS messaging, currency converter, calculator, Internet, and games. Profiles and rings
Siemens enhances its phones by profiles - a feature enabling you to customize your phone for various situations you can find yourself in. There are three pre-set profiles: normal, quiet, and noisy surroundings. You can create your own profiles, as well as edit the pre-set ones of course. You can edit the parameters as follows: ring signal type, volume, ring melody, vibrate ring, incoming calls filter (two categories - either from the VIP directory or the phone book), you can change service tones (network location, low battery tone, minute minder, etc.), you can change the key sound, font size, graphics format. Settings such as the display illumination are global and cannot be changed in a profile. There is an option of intensifying ringing apart form vibrating. But Siemens cheated a little with the vibrate ring - the phone vibrates rather subtly so, you can easily miss it. It is incomparable to the pneumatic drill performance of Sagems
If you don't like the 20 built-in ring tones, you can create your own one - if I got it right you can create only one. The manual says nothing about sending the melody via SMS or loading it through external software - pity.

And a tip for you: if you need to activate a profile quickly, press and hold the * key, with a little bell - first you'll have the silent alert option (which you can use in each profile to turn off the ringing) and if you hold a little bit longer, you will get to the profile list and can activate either of them immediately. A shame is that the selected profile is not indicated on the phone display - only a crossed bell when the ringing is off. SMS messages
Siemens C35i enables T9; so far only in English and German and localization is not know to us. What is important for the older Siemens version users is that C35 is capable of recognizing the sender's name according to their phone number. So, if you have the sender's phone number in your phone book, their name will be shown on the display rather than the number. Of course, the phone supports SIM Toolkit. Another good news - if an SMS contains a phone number you can call it directly or store it in your phone book. More good news - pre-composed SMS remained. You can use a simple one like YES/NO answer as well as more compound/complex pre-typed SMS messages that act/function like a macro. Pre-composed messages like "I'll be late by X minutes" where the X can be replaced without the need to edit the whole SMS message - one cursor click and you get straight to the X. SMS message delivery confirmation and status information (like credit information on pre-paid cards or certain types of SMS messages) are dealt with a little strangely. They are not stored in the memory and are only displayed on the screen. The messages rotate bellow the operator's name on the display. When you receive a new delivery confirmation, it deletes the previous one from the display. I'll give you a secret tip that is not in the manual, even. Using the # symbol you can display this message on full screen and consequently erase, and display the previous messages. Picture SMS messaging - a sort of internal tag of the 35 line is inserted in the SMS message. If it is received by a 35-line phone it is interpreted as a picture. The picture has to be stored in memory to be displayed (contrary to Nokia 3210). It can be a part of a SMS message and doesn't take up much space, though. But it's not much of practical use - resembles the Philips Savvy smilies. Other functions
Siemens C35i is abounded with other functions. Games - popular Mines (a thousand greetings from Microsoft), but I would recommend reading the manual, as the mobile display is not as luxurious as a monitor screen. Labyrinth - looking for a way out of a maze - if there were a couple of monsters, it would make for a good 'Doom'. But we complimented on this in the S25 review already. Quatropolli and Reversi are other logical games, but they are definitely not a topic for a big review.

Appointments - a simple diary, which can remind you of up to thirty events. It enables you to store Appointments, Birthdays, Calls, Memo. Phone activates these reminders even when switched off. So it will give out an squealing alert when turned off as well. I am not aware of any PC synchronization option yet. Currency converter and Calculator, what to say. Alarm clock, stopwatch and countdown - again, no more to say. Data and fax communications
Good news - Siemens C35i has a built-in hardware modem. So, all you need for data transmissions is a cable (IrDA is missing). On your computer you select the Standard 9.6kbps modem. You need no other drivers, except for the general modem drivers. With this you can work with a PDA quite well, too. You just would need a RS-232 connector for connection. If you wanted the IrDA, you would have to buy the S35. Anyway what would you expect from a 'low-end'? However we can expect some additional programs for the C5 by independent developers thanks to the V.25 set of commands. WAP
Siemens C35i is another low-end WAP enabled phone after Motorola T2288. Thanks to its price, it is likely to become a target for WAP beginner. However the C35i is not ideal for WAP - mainly three line text display + menu lines. A secret tip for you - if you want to operate 'WAP' on five lines press the # key twice and the bottom menu will disappear. You will get used to working with WAP pretty quickly. The menu is quite friendly, easy to work with, well arranged. What may confuse you a little (if you are not a manual reading fan) is the difference between the Menu legend and the @Menu under the right button. One takes you to the WAP browser supplied by (UP.Browser) and the other one will get you to the Option menu of the page in case there are any options defined for the Option button. The phone copes with pictures easily, but it doesn't support font typefaces. But it does not matter so much - all text is the same that is all. What is more bothering is that you only have three lines for text. Maybe there could be an option to switch off the key legend on the display for those who have already memorized the meaning. . You can specify up to five WAP access profiles. There are nine positions available for your favourite items. . Channels - offline WAP browsing and Outbox service for composing e-mails off line are interesting as well. The later is a subscription dependent feature. WAP worked with GSM network smoothly. The phone 'froze' only once during the testing period - which is not a bad outcome.

How to summarize?
This is currently definitely the best low-end category phone fitting its price range. It is better equipped compared to Nokia 3210. And maximal satisfaction of its use is spoiled only a little by the low battery endurance and worse sound reproduction quality. The rest are just minor shortcoming that may or may not bother you - we will leave that entirely up to you. In any event, you won't find a better equipped phone in the same price category. If you insist on WAP and consider future data usage, the C35i is currently the most logical choice. Unless, of course, you want or can afford to give up more money and invest in more expensive phones like Siemens 35, Motorola T7389, Ericsson R320 or Nokia 7110. .

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