Man and the environment

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Man and the environment

We can live on this planet thanks to basic components which are needed for human existence - air,water and soil.
The era of takingthese components for granted has fortunately ended and man must be aware of their importance in the future.
We are much more often forced to think about the quality of our air,water and soil than anz time before.Why? Because it is now recognized than environmental problems affect all countries of the world.
It is generally acknowledged that pollution is one of the greatest problems of our age.In the last quarter of a century we have polluted practically the whole planet. There are the problems of the pollution of seas and oceans,pollution of air,changes in the atmosphere's ozone layer and concetrations of carbonic gas.
Throughout previous decades certain species of animals have vanished or become rare.
Many of them are still victims of poachers.
During the last twenty years ecology has become a fashionable word. It is used frequently in the mass-media and in daily conversation because man has become his own worst enemy, the greatest threat to his own survival.

If there is anything that can be said about environmental problems it is that they have worsened considerably during the last twenty years.
That is why a great deal of talk is heard these days about protecting threatened animal species,preserving forests,improving the "quality of life".
Man must preserve and restore the quality of his environment.It is not an easy task but very urgent and good experts must be involved in the programme.Even in this field we are obliged to apply the principles of glasnost.
We must keep our planet habitable not only for the present generation but for future ones in particular.
Everything would be simpler if we had enough money for ecology programmes,if our present knowledge and experience were aplied effectively.If would help us to solve many of our current difficulties.Moreover a tremendous effort in public information and education is nessesary as well.
Man,having now become aware of the dangers,realizes the consequences.We must feel more responsibility for the air,water and soil and learn to respect NATURE as an ally in the evolutionary process.

Danger of Fallout

The principal damage that radio-active substances do is to cause cancer.It is likely that hundreds of thousands of people now living,perhaps as many as a milion,will be caused to die of cancer as a result of damage done by radio-active fallout. It is probable that about ten percent of all cases of cancer are caused by the background radiation to which human beings are subjected,from cosmic rays and natural radioactivity.
" The estimate that I have made,on the basis of quantitative information from the incidence of leukemia in Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors and from other medical statistics,is that the bomb tests carried out so far will cause 140.000 people now living to die of leukemia and bone cancer ,and about a milion people altogether to die of cancer of all kinds ". Dr.L.C.Pauling, Nobel Prize winner in the field of chemistry.


We live in a world of extreme contrasts.On the one hand there is wealth,abundance,glamour, a large percentage of educated people and on the other hand there is poverty,hunger,disease, illiteracy, a lack of supplies for even an average standard of living. It goes without saying that to achieve a better life for people living in inhuman conditions requires cooperation between governments,so that the right of every human being to live a decent life may become a reality.

Shall we enter the 21st century without these problems?
Will it be a century of peace , without destructive weapons?
Will these be enough room and food and work for us all?
Will ... ?.

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