Low Tatras - From the East to the West

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Low Tatras - From the East to the West

What Would I Want to Show to My Friend from Abroad?

I would show to my friend from abroad Low Tatras situated on the north side of Slovak republic. I think it’s the most important place here. Low Tatras are a huge system of mountains with a main ridge 82 km long and the highest peak “Ďumbier” is 2043 m above sea high. From the East to the West

Kráľova hoľa (ridge) (1948 m)

We could begin at „Kráľova hoľa.“ It is situated not far from the town called Telgárt. There is a sender up on the peak. From Kráľova hoľa you can obtain a splendid view on High Tatras, Slovenský raj (paradise), Volovské vrchy (hills) and many more. We could also watch at the springs of four Slovak rivers called „Hornád, Čierny Váh, Hnilec and Hron.“

Liptovský Ján and Jánska dolina (valley) (630 - 2033m)

This community is situated in Jánska Dolina. Visitors can enjoy numerous possibilities for sports. In wintertime as well as in summertime. There are two termal swimming pools - one indoor and one outdoor with a temperature 29oC. Maybe I would take him on a horse ride along the Jánska dolina and then we could have a bath in a thermal spring. We would leave this town by ascent on the Chopok (2024 m). There is a weather - bureau on the top of the hill. After ascent we could utilize the view on the West Tatras and later have a ride on a funicular down into Jasná which is situated in Demänovská dolina (valley). Town Demänovská dolina (valley) (950 – 2024m)

„Demänovská dolina“ is the most visited locality of the Low Tatras, laying south from Liptovský Mikuláš, on the northern slopes of the mountains. The most beautiful lowland of Low Tatras is 16 km long. It ranges from the main ridge between Ďumbier 2043m, the peaks of Krúpova hoľa 1927 m, Chopok 2024 m, Dereše 2003 m, Poľana 1889 m to the north from "Liptovská kotlina". The lowland is a national reservation sized 837 ha, where besides remarkable sceneric and estetic values the most valuable is Demänovský kras. Vrbické pleso (a mountain lake) is another one of the beautiful sceneries in Demänovská dolina.
And What Would I Want to Show to My Friend From Abroad Here?
At first it could be worldknown Demänovské jaskyne (caves) situated in the middle of the valley. They are covered with ice and stalactice. For the public are openened only the cave of Freedom and the Icy cave. I think that the beautifull fauna and flora would surely captivate him.

Then we could visit the place called “Poľana Repiská“. It’s a glade. There are a lot of rock cliffs above it. Finaly we would finish the visit of Demänovská dolina with a call of „Vrbické pleso“ near which is situated the oldest chalet in Demänovská Dolina. Its name is „Mikulášska chata“. This area is called Jasná. You can find here ideal ski terrains. Korytnica – kúpele (health – resort) (825m)

Korytnica is situated on the nothern slopes of “Prašivá” (1652 m). The water from Korytnica beneficialy affect on cure of problems with liver, stomach or bowels.

Donovaly (900 – 1360m)

The community origined on turn of the 17-st and 18-st century when settlements Bully, Hanesy, Mišúty, Mistríky, Polianka, Močiar and Sliačany merged. In these settlements the coal was exploited. It is one of the highest situated community (950 m) in Slovakia. This recreation centre is situated between two national parks. Eastward is situated National Park Low Tatras and westward is situated National Park Veľká Fatra. Here we would watch at thorough harmony of modern and older construction. We could make “Nová hoľa (ridge)” (1370 m) and outlook hill “Zvolen” (1402 m). From Zvolen you can see a lot of hills and also Donovaly. In winter we could take the ski and employ a lot of snow.

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