Leisure time and hobbies

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Leisure time and hobbies

Leisure time is the time that we spend the way we like to spend it, usually after all the work that we have to do is done. Leisure time is the time for fun, time for entertainment and the time for hobbies. Hobbies are the activities that people like to do in their free time. There are many different ways of spending free time and many types of hobbies too. Just for example, people like to go to cinema, theater, concerts, art exhibitions or going for a walk during their leisure time. Many of them like to spend their time practicing their hobbies. Those might be for example: doing sports, playing games, keeping pets, fishing, hunting, gardening, playing on instruments, doing exclusive sports or collecting things. Collecting some sort of objects is very traditional hobby. The object of collection might be picture postcards, matchbox labels, badges, flags, coins, phone cards, model cars or stamps. Collecting is one of the activities that became a life-long hobby for many people. There are collecting activities that seem to be interesting just for people in some countries. Like for example there is a big tradition of collecting the tee-spoons with the pictures of different states in USA. Americans like to collect those, but they also like to collect little bells with the pictures of different states, the car license plates and many different things that remind them of the countries, they visited. Many of the collecting activities are international so people from all around the world keep in tough and trade the objects of their collections. This is very typical for collecting stamps. There are many collectors clubs and some of them even have their own magazines.
Children, teenagers and adults hobbies usually differ. Children usually like to play with toys or collect them. That’s the most common hobby that children have. Teenagers have usually much more hobbies then children. They have more choices to do thing because of their age too. Many teenagers like to do sports like soccer, tennis, baseball, hockey, track and field sports act.. Spending time with friends in a group is a very typical thing for teenagers. They like to go to disco, parties, pubs or watching movies in theater.
Adults don’t have that much leisure time and time for activities usually. They have more to do during the day, like taking care of their family, household and doing their own job.

If they have some leisure time or time for hobbies, they usually like to spend it with their friends or family. They like to go cultural activities, dinners with their friends or doing things with their family such as traveling, going for walks act.. Older people don’t make sports that much, but they like to do exercises to keep their bodies in a good shape. That’s why many sports and games are considered as hobbies. The most common are cycling, hiking, swimming, exercising in fitness centers, walking and playing games outdoors. Some of the adults, who have more time for themselves like to do other activities that teenagers usually can’t do because they don’t have enough money to do those. These expensive activities are called exclusive sports. Only limited numbers of people practice these hobbies. Those might be for example: hot-air ballooning, hand-gliding and others. Keeping pets is one of the hobbies that all of these group like to do. Having a pat at home doesn’t mean just having fun with it and playing with it. People who have pats at home should really understand them. Keeping pat requires a good knowledge of their behavior and habits.
I personally like to do many different things in my leisure time. I like to do all kinds of sports. I prefer playing soccer and tennis in the summer and skiing in the winter. There are other hobbies that I like to do too. I love fishing. Fishing is not only about getting a fish out of the water for me. I don’t look at it that way. I love fishing, because it brings me closer to the nature and it makes me understand how everything works out there. It is very relaxing. I make one of the exclusive sports too. I like to scuba dive. I can’t do it on my own, because this activity is pretty risky too. I can make this hobby just with my dad, who doesn’t have much time for that though. I used to ski when I was younger but I got hurt later on and I could ski for a while, so I dumped it. Now I ski just for fun with my family. I also used to collect stamps and coins. I have a nice collection but I don’t do much with it anymore. There are many activities that I would like to do in the future. For example I would like to collect exclusive cars, but I don’t think that that’s ever going to happen. I think that there are many cultural and social activities in my town and Slovakia too. You can do any sport you would like in Bratislava, you can go to cultural activities like art shows, theater shows, music festivals, vine festivals, sport events, cinemas act..

Then you can do hiking, going for walks, ski or bungee jumps in mountains in northern Slovakia. You can do swimming, fishing, sailing, scuba-diving and other activities on many lakes and rivers in this country. There are some many clubs too, but not many of them have enough money to do all the activities that they would like to do. I hope that this will change soon and that people in this country will have even better choice and opportunities for doing things in their leisure time. Traveling is another activity that individuals and families like to do in their leisure time. People like traveling, because it is a good opportunity for them to experience different cultures, people or climate. There is a big choice of trips and countries to go to. You can decide if you want to go to country with hot or cold weather, mountains or to the sea, you can decide if you want to stay in hotel or if you want to camp or how you want to travel. There are many choices in traveling. Traveling in some of the countries might be an exclusive activity too.

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