John Bunyan Pilgrims Progress

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John Bunyan Pilgrims Progress

Plot: All the thing which happened are only a dream (fiction of the author). The first part of the work is about a man called Christian and his pilgrimage. His journey starts in the City of Destruction and he is travelling to the Celestial City. But this pilgrimage is not only just a trip. Christian red in a book that the City of Destruction, in which he lived with his family, will be destroyed and everybody will be damned. So we can say that he escaped from this city because he wanted to save his soul. On his way he met many other characters. He met 3 Shining Ones who gave him some things that would be useful for him later. Bet Christian met some bad characters too. This characters advised him to shorten his way, so he can finish his journey faster. But they didn´t want to help him, so Christian didn´t care and continued in his pilgrimage. When he felt tired he just red a piece of paper, which he became from 3 Shining Ones and something strange happened. He wasn´t tired, he was full of strength and ready to continue. By the way he was welcomed by Interpretor who cared about him, gave him what he needed. After it he had to go through the Valley of Humility. There a monster attacked him but Christian defeated this monster and went away. The other place, which he had to pass was full of evil. Evil thinghs where everywhere around him. So he didn´t turn around he just walked and didn´t see the evil. If he had turned back or if he was afraid, he never reach his place of destination. His faith was strong so he can continue. After this proof he met Faithful who joined him. So they both travel together. But they came to the Vanity Fair and things changed. There were people which were selling their wifes, houses, children, health. This pilgrims wanted to buy truth. But nobody understand them, because they were peaking strange language and were wearing strange clothes. All the people thought that they are completely strange and they were arrested by Belzebub, who was ruling in this town. Faithful was murdered (executed) but Christian escaped. And he continued in his pilgrimage with another partner called Hopeful. He was a fair man from Vanity Fair. After all they met three shepherds. The shepherds helped them. They warned them before dangerous places such as the Doubting Castle, Giant Despair, Valley of the Death. In the end of the first part they arrived in front of the gate of the Celestial City.

And when they wanted to enter the city they had to cross the River of Death. They crossed the river and were in the city. In the second part Christians´ wife decided to follow her husband. She and her children travel the same pilgrimage as the Christian and they follow him right to the Celestial City. All this work happens in a dream. The city of Destruction is a symbol of hell. Christian (who is a good Christian) tries to escape to Celestial City – heaven. On his pilgrimage he met characters who tried to help him – good people, who gave him food, water and advised him. But on the other hand, like on the Earth, there were some bad characters too. They tried to convict him, that if he use a shortcut, the journey is shorter and easier to cross. But he knew that the easy way is mostly the way to hell and he persistently followed his way. Many of this characters – good or bad – are characterized by their names so were the parts of the country. We can see good people who were living in the bad city like Vanity Fair, but they are still good and innocent. As the reward for the long dangerous journey became Christian the place in heaven. The character who didn´t stand the pilgrimage and scratch it, they went to hell.

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