Jack London biography

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Jack London biography

Jack London was a famous american short story-teller and novelists. His literary work belongs to the period of realism in american literature and he was a first proletary writer to expres revolutionary ideas. He was first of the Muckrakers (writers who tried to reveal the corruption and his dishonest practices on bussiness and industry). Jack London spent his short adventurous life travelling and working as a sailor, miner, gold digger, laundry worker and a writer. He had little official education but he was very eager to read and he educated himself proper English. He had rich experience from his jobs and his life was a infinite source of inspiration for him and for writting his books. He was born in San Francisco and his life was constant rice-fall.
Jack London wrote many short stories and novels but his best books are dose conective with Alaska during the time of the gold-rush. His books are popular mostly among readers excited for adventure:
Among his best books are:
“The white fang” “Martin Eden”
“The sea wolf” “King Alcohol”
“The iron heel” “The call of the wild”
“South seas tales”
In the time of America gold-rush London spent some time in Alaska. These years influence his thinking as an individual. London saw and learnt much about people, nature and he also experinced the principal law of the wild- to kill or to be killed. The heroes of his books are gold diggers their living conditions their relations to nature to each oder and two their great friends and helpers- their dogs.

The call of the wild:
It is a book about relations between a man and animal both respond to the laws of nature. The main characters are Buck- a sladge dog and his master John Thorton. The end of the book is sad- after his master is killed by Red Indians, Buck abandons human civilization and becomes a leader of a wolf-pack.

South seas tales:
In this book Jack London describe the life the sailors on the ship. The main hero of the novel is Captain Larsen- the embodyment of the crude human strenght.

The main characters of Jack London˘s books are ussually sailors or gold diggers who are strong courages self assured individuals. Jack London took a great interest in social team in changes, mainly in his books Iron heel and Martin Eden.

Martin Eden:
This is his best novel. It is autobiographycal. London depicts the struggle off a write achive succes.

The main character Martin Eden (Jack London himself) is a worker and a sailor, longing to get a new education. He falls in love with a lady from high society, who symbolized good education, good manner and good social standing for him. She however leaves him because of his socialist ideas, but when one of his books is published and he becames rich and famous, she wants him back but he is not interested anymore. After the death of his best friend, Martin Eden leaves his comfortable life and succ for avoige to the south seas. The end of the book is tragical- Martin Eden commits suiside and this foreshadows the tragical end of Jack London himself.

White fang:
Another book of Alaska during the time of gold rush. It is one of the best books about nature and white life ever written. Again the main hero of the book is a dog.

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