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Information About My Country

Slovak Republic is in the land, which was from year 1918 part of Czechoslovakia. From 1.1.1993, when Czechoslovakia breaks-up, is Slovakia independent country. HISTORY: 2 hounded year before Christ colonised Celts lowlands of south-west Slovakia. In 1st century before Christ live Dacians there. In 5th and 6th century started Slavonians live in the area, where had to faith with Avaris. They dominated Slavonians people. Mojmir I. dominated of imperial called Velka Morava. West Slovakia belongs there. In the 863 came to Velka Morava two brothers, St. Cyril and St. Metod. They create 1st Slavonian writing called Cyrillic alphabet. From 11th century was Slovakia part of Austro-Hungarian. Slovak Republic and Czech Republic combine to one country, Czechoslovakia from 1918 till 1938. In 14.3.1939 Slovakia broke-up from Czechoslovakia. 1st president was Joseph Tiso. From year 1941 fought Slovakia in the 2nd World war with Germany. The antifascist national rebellion started in Slovakia on the 29th of August 1944. After 2nd World war Slovakia was part of Czechoslovak Republic. In 1992 was winner in democratic votes Motion for democratic Slovakia. They wanted to change form of Czechoslovakia and finally from 1.1.1993 is Slovakia single republic.
COUNTRY: Slovak Republic is in the middle of Europe. Capital is Bratislava. Slovak parliament and president seat there. It is culture centre of Slovakia. Its area is 49 036 square km. Climate is soft, between oceanic and continental. There are four seasons. The biggest river in Slovakia is Danube, but the longest Slovak’s river is Vah. The tip is Gerlachovsky hill with 2 655 metres in High Tatras. The ebb tied zero nadir neap is near river Bodrog. In Slovakia is the biggest part of west and east Carpathian Mountains. In High Tatras are small lakes, which are from iceberg. The warmest regions are in south; the coldest regions are in High Tatras. In Slovenske rudohorie people mine iron, magnesium and antimony. There are 3 661-km railroads and 17 866-km roads. PEOPLE: It has population about 5,3mil people. 85,6% are Slovak people. The biggest minority are 10,8% Hungarian people, which live mostly in south of Slovakia. Next Czech people, Ukrainian people and Russian people are in Slovakia 1,4% of Gypsies people. There are 108 people for 1 square km. There are 19% unemployment people. 60,3% are Roman Catholic, 7,8% are Evangelic people and 9,7% are undenominational.

Women’s average life is 75 years and men’s average life is 70 years. .

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