Housing and Living

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Housing and Living

I live in Kysucke Nove Mesto. KNM isn’t so big town, but very. It lies on the right bank of the river Kysuca and is situated in the north-west of Slovakia in the territory of Kysucky region. It is surrounded by the Javorniky and Kysucka vrchovina. Those are very nice hills with really wonderful nature. We can looking for mushrooms here, go jogging, go for some trips or we can relax here. I live in a block of flats in a quite big habitation called Kamence. The surrounding is really nice, because it is near the forest. There is a proprietary tree 200m behind the street , where I live. There is a gridiron and some stone cubes opposite the block of flats. At present, are these cubes very important for me, because I use them as a barriers for me and my bike. We often play football on the gridiron, or we play behind it, where is a big field of grass.
There are some cellars on the grandfloor. On the each floor we can find only two flats. My flat is on the 2nd floor, on the right side, when you get out the lift. You can’t use the lift, it is possible go by stairs. When you open our input door, you enter to the corridor. From the corridor, you can visit all rooms in the flat. There is a living room in front of input door. It is enough big room, which was my favourite, because of the TV, and the Hi-fi system in it. From the living room you can enter the kitchen, where is a big fridge, which is full of food. But the most beautiful room is on the left side. It is my favourite room. It is children’s room. I live here with my older brother Martin, but he is on university and so I’m here alone. It is quite big, with a big window in front of the door. There are some wardrobes, and bookcases on the right side of this room. We have there our books, exercises books, some photos and things which belong us. In the past, the biggest wardrobe was on the right side and the table was opposite the window. But one year ago we changed it. Now we have there more place. But it isn’t so important for us, because we are too big to play there with toys. On the table is the most important thing in the room – there’s a computer. We have here ours beds, so we sleep here. On the wall, which is next my bed, there are my posters of bodybuilders. My brother has on his wall posters with Nirvana, Curt Cobain and motorbikes. Those are our hobbies. I brought from Greece a big flat, which is now above the computer. Very beautiful is my wardrobe, where I have some postcards.

Some of them are from Greece, Czech Republic, Philadelphia, Niagara Falls, Gaderska Dolina, and very nice caricature of Mona Lisa.
I think the best advantage of living in a block of flat is that, the flat hasn’t so many rooms and it is not so big. And it’s better when we are tiding all flat. Houses have gardens with flowers and vegetables beds and so the people, who live there, have to take care of the garden. And it takes a lot of time. But they can farm the animals, and so they have fresh milk, eggs etc. But they have to take care of these animals too. There are more rooms and so we haven’t got a problem, when we would like to stay alone. But we have to tiding more rooms. My dream house should be situated in, or near the forest. It has to be big, with many rooms, some swimming pool and basin, gym. But the house need some servants because I hate tiding up. In front of house have to be a big garden, with a gridiron and some barriers for a bike. There have to be some TV-s with really big screen, Hi-fi system with big loud speakers. Very important are also big windows. I’m really happy that I live in Kysucke Nove Mesto. The best thing is that this town is surrounding by hills, where I can spend my free time. Bigger cities are always overcrowded, with dirty air and all what you can see are the buildings and block of flats. Some of them are without grass and trees and the green is very important for me and it is also very healthy. Living in block of flats are mostly more comfortable, and easier than in a house. But the people who live in the houses are more happy people. They are with their animals, in the house, which was built by them or by their grandparents. The houses are made of food, which is different then the stone. It is also more dangerous. I think, that the change is always difficult. It isn’t important if we’re talking about the change the flat, the job or to change someone. When we are living, somewhere for a longer time, we like this place. We accustom for the walls, for the type of living, for the advantages and disadvantages, for people.

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