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It is surely not easy to say what a home is, but it is certain, that it is not only a house. It´s feeling of security, relations, people we love, our family, things we can´t live without. To better explain this, I´d say an example that happened once. A girl had a boyfriend and he used to visit her every evening. One day he came and when the girl asked him when he wanted to go home he replied: „Home? I AM at home, because I´m with you!“ I think this fully explains the perception of a home.
Some people even don´t need a house to feel at home. I know some homlesses that say they´re absolutely happy without a house, but my opinion is, that just the feeling of being at home is not enaugh. Everybody needs some place to call his own, some place to return to, some palce where feel in security. Even animals want to have their own territory they protect.
Anyway, if we see a home of someone, it is possible to know how his lifestyle is like. People that are careless have ussually messy houses, strict people must have a place for everything, kind people have cosy homes.. Regarding me, I still live with my parents, but I feel I´m loosing the feeling of home in the house I live. I dream more and more about my own house with my own family, where everything would be as I want it to be. There are some things I don´t like in my family (I think it´s the same in all families) and I´d love to have my own lifestyle. I´d like to have a small house where I´d live with my husband (I´d want to marry in the last year of the university) and my children. I want to have 5 children including one we´d adopt. I want to have a common meal at the evening where we would speak about the day we had and we would care about ourselves. I definitely want to create a christian family where we´d pray together. These are things I never lived in my own family. I feel sorry about it, because we could have wonderful moments, but it will be at least my children, who will experience it.
To conclude: it is possible to live without a house, but it is impossible to live without a home.

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