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Our bodies were designed for motion and need to move in order to stay fit and healthy. Walking is one of the best exercises there is for our body. It doesn't stress our joints as much as running does, but still gets our body working hard enough for it to benefit from the exercise. Hiking is walking. So it is good for us. It is also communing with nature. We can go for a walk just about anywhere. We can walk to school or to work, to the shopping center. We can even go for a walk in the park. They are all good for us, but none of these walks really constitutes hiking. When we go for a walk in the wilderness, in a part of the world that has not been transformed by man, then our walking becomes hiking. Hiking gives walking a different feel or flavor.
There are different categories of hiking. It depends on the distances and difficulties.
Many hikes are for only part of day. A very short hike could be less than a kilometer on a nature trail by a campground. On the other hand a hike can be a very long walk. Some people hike for days, weeks, or even months at a time. A few people have even hiked for several years at a time.
Another nice thing about hiking – it’s free. There may be some fees for transportation and parking a car, and a few places may charge a small fee for a trail permit. But there are still plenty of places where you can go for hike with no more cost. How to start hiking?
1. One of the best ways to get started is to start with short hikes first. That way if your muscles or your feet aren't used to hiking or if you find you are not properly dressed for the weather.
2. Learn about hiking by doing it at the time of year when the weather is the nicest. Choosing friendly weather will mean one less thing we have to worry about
3. Start out by hiking with others in a group. 4. Choosing the right footware is very important. One of the most common mistakes made by the hiking is the wrong choice of footware. Hiking by definition is walking which means being on feet. So we should choose footware that is designed to make our feet comfortable while walking. Some people prefer hiking boots, walking shoes or sandals. What we cannot wear are dress shoes that are designed with walking foot comfort. Another common mistake is to buy new footware and wear it for the first time on a hike. Give your feet a chance to get used to any new hiking footware by wearing it for short periods around your home.

If not blisters are the most common result and can be quite painful.
5. The clothes are also important for comfortable hiking. Wear only clothes that feel comfortable while you are walking. Generally this means loose fitting clothes. Your clothing should be chosen to help your body maintain a comfortable temperature while hiking - not too hot and not too cold. The best type of footware and clothes to wear while hiking will change on locale and weather. Hiking is a very personal experience. What works best for you, what brings you the most joy while hiking, won't be the same for everyone else. The basic rule to behaving well in the wilderness is: if you don't want someone to do it to you, don't do it yourself. And even if we were not to think of anyone but ourselves, if we found a particularly beautiful place, we might want to come back again another time. It includes not building another fire ring and blackening more stones when one already exists. It means not digging trenches or building stone walls or cutting down plants or killing animals or in some other way altering the wilderness unless your very survival depends on it. It includes protecting water supplies by not placing your waste so close to them that they can become contaminated and others.

Day hikers generally carry a much smaller pack with only a few articles of extra clothes, a simple emergency first aid kit, some water, and some food in their pack. Overnight hikers typically carry larger packs and more gear since they may need a storm shelter of some sort and extra insulation for warmth in which to spend the night as well as a larger variety of clothes and usually more than one meal. Finding the ideal gear load is a balance between carrying too much and carrying too little.
I divided backpacking into two major types:
1. Supplies or Consumables – These are water, food and stove fuel, or the things that get consumed and used up during a hike. 2.

Gear – This includes all of the equipment.
The big gear types are:
a) Pack – This includes the backpack, camera bags, water bottles, rain covers, ...
b) Shelter – Includes tent, tarp, bivouac sack, ground cloth, rigging line, and tent pegs
c) Sleeping – The sleeping system category includes sleeping bags or quilts, sleeping bag liners, and foam pads.
d) Clothes – This group includes all clothes from pants and shirts to hats, gloves, and shoes.
The little four gear types are: Kitchen, Office, Hygiene, Emergency/Repair
a) Kitchen – Includes anything to do with the storage, preparation, food and water. b) Office – Everything related to information. It includes maps, pens, pencils, notebooks, compasses, altimeters, radios, binoculars, and so on.
c) Hygiene – It includes such things as first aid kits, toilet paper, soap, and other.
d) Emergency/Repair –This group of items consists a couple of needles, some thread, spare buttons, a few rubber bands, some extra line. What can be happend:
Cold - Getting cold can be a life threatening situation even when temperatures are not extremely low.
Heat - Too much of anything can cause drangerous bodily imbalances. Heat is no exception.
Lightning - Learn how to cope with lightning when caught in a storm.
Rain - Rain keeps many hikers at home or tent bound
Snow - Avoiding snow related problems is easier for those properly prepared.
Navigation - Getting lost in the wilderness can turn surviving in paridise into a harrowing ordeal. Learning a few basic skills to prevent getting lost is easy.
Animals - Most wildlife is harmless and afraid of mankind, but there are a few animals that can pose a threat. Learn how to avoid unpleasant encounters. Plants - There are some poisionous plants and others that can be a nuisance if you are not properly prepared.
Photography- Recording and sharing your hiking adventures

Hiking is walking in nature. It includes different categories. This kind of sport is free. It only requires comfortable clothing and footware, consumables –water and food, good hiking map and other gears. It makes people happy and offers them relax. Good luck and happy trails to you!.

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