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My family is large, because my mother had six relatives. I have three brothers and three sisters. Two of this sister comes from first marriage her father. One of them is dead now. So I have three maternal uncles and two maternal aunts. Mother of my mother, my grandmother still live, her husband, my grandfather died before my birthday. He was the mine engineer and mother tells me that he smoked too much. My maternal grandmother is now about eighty-two years old. Because I have so many uncles and aunt I have also many cousins. Many of then are adult. I begin with children of my aunts.

At first I’ll talk about my aunt-in-law, her name is Lída, and she live in Hodkovičky, her children are adult nowadays, and they have their own children. One of daughters of my aunt-in-law immigrated to Sweden and got married there. I know only a little about another of Lída’s children. Now about my second maternal aunt, about Ivana, she is a teacher on economic secondary school, she live in Prague and have two adult children, a boy and a girl, the boy’s name is Pavel, he is a microbiologic student and he is interested in World War II., her sister’s name is Helena, she teaches on the same school as her mother, she teaches there math and computers. She is my favourite female-cousin.

So about maternal uncles. At first about the oldest from they, about Vít, he lives in Teplice and he is, as my grandfather mine engineer, his wife names Eva. They have three adult sons. The youngest names Kamil, the second’s name is Martin, and I liked him very much, he study postgradual mine engineering in Ostrava, and some of his teacher teach also his father. He is my favourite male-cousin. The oldest brother is Ivo; he is married and has one daughter. The second maternal uncle, his name is Ludva, he is nuclear engineer, he has from first marriage two adult children, oldest is girl, her name is Silva, she is about thirty and she is about five years married, her younger brother is Lukáš and he is a electrician, from second uncles marriage comes Magdalena, she is about three years old, and she was born, when my uncle had fifty-five. Now about my youngest maternal uncle. His name is Marek, he is railway engineer, his wife names Anna, and they have two adult children, Simona and Marek. I don’t really know, what I have to say about him, just he is just twenty-two and he don’t study, but he still don’t get the call-up paper.

Now about family of my father.

Mother of my father, my grandmother names Zdena, her husband, my grandfather named Jaromír, and he died about four years ago. My grandmother is very ill; she is ninety and she live now in hospital, because she needs the all-day care. My father is a doctor. He have two relatives - one sister and one brother, his brothers is his one-egg twin, the looks to same, that, when we are visiting my uncle in Jablonec, where he live, there are the gossip, that my uncle have another women, then his wife, and with her has another children, and his daughter, who he has with his wife, everything knows. So my uncle names Jan, his wife names Milena, and they have two children, Dana, who study just five years medicine and Milan, he is just many years marries, his wife names Zdena, and they have just three children. Two of them are two-eggs twins. My paternal aunt’s name is Milena. Her husband was Vlastík; he died this year. Their children, two brothers, are married, the older just seven years, his wife names Dana, and they have one son, his name is Marcel. The younger got married in last October. That’s all about my family.

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