Ernest Hemingway biography

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Ernest Hemingway biography

Hemingway was a man whose unique mastery of the art of writing influenced the style of an entire generation of writers. It is an influence that persists today.

Ernest Hemingway, one of six children, was born in Illinois, on July 21, 1899. His parents wanted him to become a doctor, but after graduation from high school, he began his writing career as a sports reporter for the Kansas City Star.
When the USA entered World War I, Hemingway tried to enlist in the army and he was finally accepted as an ambulance driver of the Red Cross in Italy. Shortly before his 19th birthday, he was badly wounded and spent several weeks in a hospital in Milan. This experience provided material for his future novel A Farewell to Arms. He returned to Chicago in 1919 and then went to Canada to work for the Toronto Star. From 1921 to 1927, he lived in Europe where he worked hard to become a writer. He wrote his first stories, which he collected in the books Three Short Stories, Ten Poems and In Our Time. In 1926 with the publication of The Sun Also Rises, his reputation as an excellent novel writer was established. Later, in 1929 he published A Farewell to Arms
Drawing on the experiences of his numerous African trips, he wrote The Green Hills Of Africa, The Snows of Kilimanjaro and some others.
Out of his experiences in the Spanish Civil War came his longest novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls. The novel emphasizes the idea that a loss of liberty anywhere means the loss of liberty everywhere.
When the war ended, he settled in Cuba. One story he heard from a fisherman gave him the idea for his short novel The Old Man and the Sea. It tells of an old Cuban fisherman, who, after a run of bad luck, hooks a giant marlin, but the sharks attack the catch and reduce it to a skeleton. This novel ends with the words: „A man can be destroyed but not defeated. “
He received a Pulitzer Prize and was awarded the Nobel Prize.
He suffered from serious stomach ailment and, on July the 2nd, 1961, he committed suicide.

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