Desert Island

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Desert Island

My name is Palo and I am 14 years old. I went to America on a ship called Lusitania. It was a very nice ship. But one day, when we was on the ocean, the German U.F.O.’s have come and have dropped on us 10 atom bombs. But our ship has a very strong armour plate. Then they use a big and strong laser beam and our armour plate couldn’t stand it and Lusitania explodes with a big crash. I was the only survivor, because before the Lusitania exploded I have get in a lifeboat. I was on the ocean for over 10 days. Then the ocean drifted me to a desert island. This island was in the Atlantic Ocean. On the island was the weather all the year good. On the island I built a little house in witch I lived all the time. I was lucky and in a little time I set on fire on witch I cooked my food. My food was just fish, fruit from the plants on island, maybe few times snakes. The fish I caught with a rod from the tree of bamboo’s. I have taken from the ship with me some insect repellent, sunbathe cream, spade, hammer and nails because I’ve had a feel that I will shipwreck. My life on this desert island was very good and I was happy that I had shipwrecked on this island. It was almost like in paradise. Almost, because there wasn’t no girls. I made myself a little power station for the bulbs witch made the light. I needn’t almost nothing just some tools. I lived on this island happy six years. I needn’t also the calendar. I know that it was six years because I every day made a scrape in a wood.
After six years a ship was sailing at my desert island. I made fire so they had sight me. The captain of the ship sends a lifeboat to the island and they have found me on the island. I’ve gone with them on the ship. Everything a left on the island for the next shipwreck. The ship had taken me to Europe. Then in Europe I’ve gone home. In my house I had found a man sleeping my bed. It was me and then I woke up.

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