Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre

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Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre

Independence reading book essay.

In Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, the main character has ambition and pride. These are important qualities because they improve her life. Her ambition to become a

governess gives her independence from the orphanage. Later, after she falls in

love with Mr. Rochester, her pride makes her leave him because she won’t lower herself

to be his mistress. Finally, she shows ambition when she decided to come back to

Mr. Rochester because she still loved him.

When Jane was a child she lived with her aunt and her 3 cousins. She didn’t have

a family because her parents died in an accident. Her aunt Mrs. Reed hated her and

decided to send her to the orphanage. Jane spent 8 years in the orphanage. The first 5

years as a student and the last 3 years as a teacher. After this time she learned how to

became independent. At first she wasn’t able to be independent because she didn’t have

friends, the kids were making fun of her and they were mean to her. Before she found a

friend the only person who Jane liked was her teacher Mrs. Temple. She was always nice

to her and she had always a warm word for quiet Jane. After time moved on and she

finally found a friend, named Helen Burns she started to change herself. Helen

was older, so she helped Jane to understand a lot of things about life. Later on when

Helen died on typhus Jane realized that she was almost independent. When Jane was 18

she became a teacher in the orphanage. After 3 years she decided to leave and start her

own life. She wrote an advertisement and brought it into the post at Lowton. After couple days she received an answer from Mrs. Fairfax from Thornfield.

Mrs. Fairfax was looking for a guardian teacher for Adele, an 8 years old child from

France. Jane took the chance accept the job and left Lowton immediately. Jane spent a couple years of teaching Adele in Thornfield. She found out that Mrs.

Fairfax wasn’t Adele’s mother even related to her. She met Mr. Rochester, Adele’s

“father”. Mr. Rochester was a classic hero from romantic fiction. He was dark and very

"angry looking" and had a bad temper but at the some time he was very attractive. In

spite of Jane's plainness, she fascinated Mr. Rochester. He found her witty and full of

spirit. Gradually he fell in love with her and Jane fell in love with him.

Everything looked

as if it would be happy but at the very last moment they're prevented from marrying when

it was revealed that Rochester's wife was not only alive, but she was also mad, and living

in the attic rooms of Thornfield Hall. Mr. Rochester never told Jane because he didn’t

want Jane to leave him, but Jane ran away and early died out on the moors

Likely, the reverend St. John Rivers rescued her, and later although she was still

in love with Rochester, she agreed to marry Rivers and went with him to India. She was

stopped from doing this by a telepathic message from Mr. Rochester. Jane returned to

Thornfield Hall to find that the house had burnt down and that Rochester was sad and

deeply depressed. He had tried unsuccessfully to safe his wife from the fire, and, during

his attempt he had been blinded and permanently injured by the fire. In the end their

married and Rochester's one eye is partly safe after an operation and he can see his son's eyes.

Even though the book was very long and hard to read I really liked it and I will read it again.

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