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- the term career means job or occupation, pattern of work, work related activities
- people build careers to earn a living, helping others
- career can determine where you live, what friends you make , your education...
- to choose a career field you have to know your abilities, interests and goals, the training needed, the income, prospects of employment...
TRAINING NEEDED – the amount of preparation ( can be a few hours or years of
education at a highschool). Some occupations require several
years of experience. JOB PPROSPECTS – there are many departments that analyse the
current trends of employment. Trends alter,
depending on the political, economic or cultural
situation and demands of a country. The latest
trends include languages, politics, internal
relationships, trade, jobs related to computers. SPECIAL ABILITIES – some occupations call for physical demands, artistic talet, as
weel as look, physical strength...
ADVENCEMENT - in exploring various occupations, one should examine possible
paterns of promotion known as career paths.
SOCIAL STATUS - some people who value status seek it trough highly regarded
occupations. - there are cca. 25 000 occupations + new ones are developing
- all occupations can be classified into 4 groups. White-collar worker (similar to an office worker), blue collar worker (similar to factory worker), farm worker (involves being in farm managemant and labour), service worker (include jobs such as cook, hairstylist...).

- people need both hard work and to be at the right place at the rigt time to get a good job.
- knowing the right people is importat, they send you to the right place and time
- people need to discover their own value and abilities such as : friendliness, dependability, honesty, contribute to success in a career...
- questins young people ask : What are my goals in the future ?
Do I want to be wealthy ?
Do I desire fame ?
Do I want to have responsibility ?
Do I want to supervise others ?
Would I rather follow others ?
Do I desire to travel ?
Would I prefer to have a family life ?
Would I rather work alone or with others ?.

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