Biology Observing cells

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Biology Observing cells

Observing Cells

INTRODUCTION: As our first biology project we had to observe cells. We chose
onion cells, because of their nuclei’s great visibility.

INVENTARY used: 2 small pieces of glass, optical microscope with 10x resolution,

MATERIALS used: onion (membrane), water, coloring liquid - lugol solution

STEPS: Step1: We cut a very-thin piece of onion membrane and put it between two small pieces of glass with a drop of water.
Step 2: We observed it and it was visible good.
Step 3: Then we colored the preparate with lugol solution and observed it.
Step 4: The brown-colored cells and their parts became even more visible and easier for observing. PICTURE:

CONCLUSION: We observed intracellular organelles of onion (plant) cells. We used the 10x resolution on the optical microscope. Unfortunately, nuclei and cell walls (maybe also the cytoplasm) were the only visible and observable parts of the cell, even after coloring it with brown color. Onion cells are long and narrow with one nucleus each. .

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