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M.K. was born on the 8th of July 1982 in Rimavská Sobota. Rimavská Sobota is a town in southern Slovakia. He has been living in Brezno since his birth. The person that most influenced his life and his attitudes is his father-J.K.
He is 39 years old. He graduated from the Slovak Technical University and acquired the title Engineer. His mother, I. K. is also 29 years old and works a a chemist. Michal has on esister. Her name is M. and she is 16 years old. She attends the EGT school in Tisovec a s a sophomore. They often have arguments, but they really love each other. M. is living gold for him and she is closer to him than any of his friends. They always find a free minute to talk together. M. went to nursery school for one year because both of his parents worked at that time. From 1988 to 1990 he attended kindergarten. After kindergarten he attended an elementary school in Brezno that specialises in language instructions. In 1996 he passed the entrance exam for the EGT school in Tisovec. In 1998 he won a scholarship and attended a high school in Colwyn Bay, England for two years. After he passed the graduation exam from Math, Physics and Economics with a grade of excellent he continued studying at the EGT school. Now, he is a fifth student there. In school he works hard and he is against cheating. He has no problems with his studies. He likes all subjects but prefers sciences such a math or physics. M. takes a mathemtaic seminar and also likes chemistry. He is often absent-minded and does his projects and homework late. The reason why he does not live in the city in which he studies is because he is a swimmer. He is not a champion of Slovakia but he is food and he is improving very quickly. M. also teaches small children how to swim. He has many friends there and he will support swimming a s an adult, maybe a s a coach. M. is also interested in other sports such a s tennis, cycling and long distance runs. He participated in few Marathon races. In his free time he enjoys reading good books, playing games- mostly strategies on computer and using the internet. He is also interested in good music. M. is a person without prejudices and he tries to be a friend of everybody.Shyness, reserve and patience are his typical traits. He is a little bit introverted, he does not express his feelings in front of all people. But almost everybody, including me , loves him.

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