Arthur Hailey biography

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Arthur Hailey biography

- was born in 1920 at Laton, England.He worked as a clerk. At the outbreak of World War 2 he joined the Royal Air Force.he served in the flying corps successfully, throughout the war he promoted to the rank of a Flight Lieutenant.
In 1947 he emigrated to Canada when he lived for almost two decades. The year 1956 was a turning point in his life. It marked the begining of his career as a full time author. before that he had changed a number of jobs working as a real-estate salesman, business-magazine editor.
In 1965 he moved to California where he lived for four years and since 1969 he has made his home in the Bahamas.
After the success of his widely acclaimed television play Flight into Danger he decided that this work was not compatible with an author`s life and devoted himself completely to literature.
Arthur Hailey is a prolific writer. He has published novels and plays, he has writen for the theatre and for television.His books have been translated in 27 languages. he was the winner of nseveral rewards. His novels are:
The Final Diagnoses, Hotel, Airport, Wheels, Strong Medicine.
Arthur Hailey is a brillant story-teller. He knows, how to keep reader into suspense and his books give us a great deal of accurate and interesting information. He is well informed and knows what he is writting about. His books are widening our horizon and are amuzing us. His books are peopled with men and women, whose private pressures and passions are revealed to the readers.
Teh Final Diagnoses is said to be one of his most loved novels, because people like to read about people endangered by mortal diseases like cancer. The action is set in a provincial hospital and deals with medical problems and financial difficulties of the hospital as well as narrates the story of the dreams and passions of the staff and the sufering of those whonee illness have impridoned within its walls as patients of mortally ill. One of the main characters wins the sympathies of the reader by his sincere dedication to medicine. It`s O`Donnel as a leading positive character. Another hero is doctor Pearson, who must retired although he has been devoted to medicine for more than 30 years, because of his conservatism, which caused the death of a newborn chil. Reader is charmed by Vivian, who has become a patient from a student nurse, because they suspected bone tumour in her knee.

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