Apple iPhone 4G 32gb/HTC Desire 3G/iPad 3G 64GB

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Apple iPhone 4G 32gb/HTC Desire 3G/iPad 3G 64GB

Apple iPhone 4 is the fourth-generation of iphone and comes with a new slimmer design and front-facing camera capable of video calling. apple also updated the display with a high-resolution screen that measures 960 x 640 pixels. It also features a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash and HD video recording. The front facing camera uses an application called facetime to make video calls over wifi.

Package content

1 Apple iPhone 4 Phone

1 Battery

1 Charger

1 Stereo Handsfree

1 User\'s Guide

Apple iPhone 3G S === 250 Euros

HTC Desire 3G Phone== 300 Euros

HTC HD2 === 320 Euros

HTC Diamond == 220 Euros

HTC Google Nexus One == 250 Euros

Nokia N900 3G 32GB == 245 Euros

Nokia N97 32GB 3G == 230 Euros

Nokia X6 == 170 Euros

Nokia X3 == 120 Euros

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 == 230 Euros

BlackBerry Bold 9700 3G == 250 Euros

iPad 16GB (Wi-Fi) == 150 Euros

iPad 32GB (Wi-Fi) == 230 Euros

iPad 64GB (Wi-Fi) == 320 Euros




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