Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf

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Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf

It was very hard for me to choose the right theme to write about. A lot of books, movies and dramas went through my mind, but none of them had a real social significance that could be deeply discussed. Suddenly, I had this – I could say beautiful – idea: I would write about the book that has undoubted social significance - Mein Kampf.
Let us firstly mention some general facts bout this literary “jewel”. Written by the future Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, at that time imprisoned, this book soon became very popular between the German people. As to the content – those theories are so well known, that I think there is not much to say about it - I read the book only because I am interested in history of the Second World War. Nevertheless, I was disgusted. Sometimes I just wondered if a human being could really think out such nonsensical stupidities.
However, the most important thing in this essay, as well as in the book, is the social significance. Mein Kampf, in English My Struggle, really hit the place and time in which it would be released. It was exactly what the shiftless and poor German nation was waiting for, after the smashing world stock crisis: a lighthouse to show them the right way, in the hands of their new “führer”. My Struggle contains ideas and opinions that were new then, but seen as right. Clearing the path, smudged by the “reject Jewish, Gypsy and Slavic races” and so, economically said, moving forward was the solution offered by the leader. Of course, it was accepted by the people. Almost noone either said or did something against those theories and statements. Noone either had the chance. So this book was soon adopted as a kind of bible. It absolutely changed the opinions and visions of a whole nation. The German nation.
The worst is the fact that there still are (and will be) people that like My Struggle. People that get inspired and motivated that way. People that assume that terribleness and that buy My Struggle not because they are curious or interested, but because they are in the conviction that it is right. That its ideas are right. Despite, they are not – and that is not only my meaning. That is the meaning of prominent world human rights experts. Fortunately, these experts enforced setting a veto on the reproduction of this book in most countries around the world. In Slovakia, this book was firstly printed, immediately sold-out and only then forbidden.

Although containing victimizing theories, Mein Kampf is a book that manipulated and influenced crowds of people – at the time it was released as well as nowadays. Therefore I thing it has indisputable social significance.

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