A Story

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A Story

" What? " shouted Patrick. "Yes, I am pregnant." Mary was kindly smiling and repeated: "Pregnant, we will marry." "You mustn't be pregnant," said Patrick shook her and added loudly: "Forget the marriage! It would mean the end of my career!" "But you are Tincle, aren't you?" "Yes, I am, but I'm only a poor relative, I'm a burden for my rich uncle." "So you've lied to me. Oh you...!" "Could you stop it? Yes, I've lied, but you can see what sort of person you are- you wanted to get higher- to high society. Go away and don't destroy my life!"
Patrick arrived home and he felt exhausted. Why is she so stupid? Why does she behave like that? He loved her once, but he hated her now. Suddenly he noticed a letter lying on the floor. It was from Sandra Fletcher. "...Patrick, I haven't seen you for ages. We have been at the lake with my family for a week already. I feel lonely. Come at once, dear Patrick. Love, Sandra."
Patrick could imagine her very easily. He saw her clearly walking by the lake, in his mind. He knew her family dislikes him, but Sandra likes him a lot. He didn't love her as much as he loved Mary, but was his chance. He hated the life he lived. He didn't want to be poor any more. His sister has got a baby without a husband and she thrives in spite of a public opinion. So why doesn't Mary want to go away and let him be?!
But Patrick knew what he would do next- he must kill Mary. Oh, yes. It would be great. He made up a plan. He would invite Mary to row, and talk about marrying, on the lake. He would drown her there. People would find only a corpse and man's hat. Nobody would know whom the hat belonged to. And there is a possibility that no corpse will be found. Then he would be happy. It is only an exchange- one happy life for two miserable lives.
Patrick started preparing to realize this.

To be continued (?).

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