A Registered Partnership (Argument Essay)

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A Registered Partnership (Argument Essay)

A Registered Partnership
A registered partnership is very discussed topic these days. Even the Czech parliament took up this bill. Members of parliament refuse it also many people do not this proposal at all. My position is that registered partnership should be established and homosexuals should have a chance to adopt children.
Lots of people think that homosexuality is some kind of deviation. They consider gays and lesbians not normal and unmoral. For me are homosexuals ordinary people like the rest of us, they only have different sexual orientation.
Marriage is consider something untouchable by many people. They mean that comparing a marriage with a registered partnership would decrease importance of marriage. They think that homosexuals do not need to get married. But the registered partnership would provide homosexual relationships legal guarantee. The registered partnership bill would simply say the conditions in field of possession. The bill would deal with cases like is death of one of partners “divorcee”.
Some people would support the registered partnership, but they do not want homosexuals to adopt children. Their point is that children who would grow up in homosexual environment will be homosexual as well. They say that the child would lack he opposite sex’s influence in homosexual “family”. Even scientists are still not sure how big part of human’s personality is formed genetically and how much a social background influences human’s character. I think that homosexuals should have a chance to adopt children. There are loads of lonesome children out there. Thousands of children who are longing to have a family, who want to be loved. For a child is better to have some family than no family at all. Of course, in a family like that would be only male or only female element. On the other hand, single mothers are allowed to adopt children. There is also large number of divorced marriages where children live with only one parent and no one is bothered by that. So why do not give homosexuals a right to adopt and care about children?
To sum up, the registered partnership is definitely a good way how to help homosexual community to have equal rights with the heterosexual majority. Adoptions for homosexuals should be also allowed as it could help lonesome children. I hope that members of Czech parliament will think this subject over really properly, when they will be discussing the registered partnership bill again.

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