A Country Where I Would Like To Live In

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A Country Where I Would Like To Live In

I really do not know. If I have to be happy or not that I am from Slovakia. Of course – it is my “birthcountry”, so there must be some special relationship. Because if I have to be open, I know incomparable better countries. So even here I must say nothing but “East or West, Home is best.”

In these days, Slovak Republic is making big progress in international politics. However, government and our Members of Parliament think more about it than about us. But what is worse, they think only about themselves in most of cases. Years before 1998 I abused at all the politicians and I gave all my expectations in men and women, who lead our country nowadays. Now I am waking up from my dreams. Sometimes I have feeling that it is even worse now. Yes, as I have mentioned, we became 30th member of OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ). However, it sounds very strange that OECD means something like “Club of the world richest countries”. Maybe it is true, if you include all the billions of men from Spain coast. But try to look into your own wallet or at your bank account. Are you content with it content? I expect you are not. And if you are, you are happy man (or you are not from Slovakia :-)

Do you monitor all those comparisons, which show how much has Slovak to work to buy the same thing as for example Austrian? Slovak need multiply more to work to buy the same thing! It brightly shows you the real “power” of Slovak Crown… therefore I ask again – why should I stay here?

I am sure that question ask themselves bulk of Slovak and East European young generation. Primarily when they see economic results of western countries. They are not old, so they have much lesser things that can hold them here. It is common to go study or work abroad. A lot of them stay there for longer time than they planned. Fifteen or twenty years before it was not possible. We had “the Iron Curtain” (The military, political, and ideological barrier established between the Soviet bloc and western Europe after World War II. ) and it was not very likely to get on the west side of it. Now all borders are more or less free, so you can travel wherever you imagine (almost…). Due to it many of young students try to get abroad. At the present time it is boom – everyone wants to study at abroad schools. And if they stay there then, it is not good for their “home country”. It is called “brain escaping”.

And here we have one question: What is more important – an individual or a nation? I think an individual is more important. Everyone is free and can go everywhere he wants without any remorse. What I have my nation for, when I have nothing to eat? Everybody has right to live in good living conditions.

So – what should be a country where I would like to live in like? Slovakia is not the one. At least in this day and age. Perhaps in fifty years… but the I will be only old man. I want to live “full” now! I am known with my efforts to get abroad. It do not have to be United States of America, although USA is the closest for me. I have my own “American Dream” and I want to realize it. And no one can stop me in it.

Any kind of gratitude can “emigrant” show by returning back, and by applying all his catched knowledge. It is the best model. But try to persuade him to leave place where he feel good….

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