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Montreal is the seaport in Quebec on the island Montreal, decays between the junction Ottawa and the river holy Laurence and between the rise Mont Royal.With an area 366,02 kilometres square is the second largest town in Canada.Montreal has population 1 583 600 peoples.most o the population speak English,but about 6 milion Canadians speak French as their first language. Most of French speakers live in providence of Quebec.In fact Montreal, in Quebec, has more French speakers than any other city in the world except Paris

Under city borough has close and stifling street, higher part is more modern ,has wide street with gorgeous building.

On the rise is beautiful park. All the bigger building are from the modern time- ample fronts,Viktorie bridge...There is many cathedrals,that are built from light lime-kiln,the catholic cathedrals built after cathedrals in Paris.The most considerable buildings are : cathedral Notre Dame,Gothic Christ Church(Anglican church),town hall, bursa.In Montreal reside the catholic bishop and lots consuls. There are catholic,protestant and parliamentary college,

two museums and a observatory.

While river go 5 month frozen ship\'s business is very advanced. Imports largely rice, tobacco, coffee ,sugar ,white salt ,iron, coal, cotton.Equiponderate largely wheat, barleycorn, cattle, sheep,junk, wood.

Of the year 1535 Jacgues Cartier establisched on places present-day Montreal city Indian village Hochelagy.

Original city they built of the year and it had name Villemarie.Today the city name is Montreal

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