Students should not have unprotected sex

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Students should not have unprotected sex

Statistics say that an average American has sex 124 times a year and has 14.3 partners during lifetime. In these days to have more relationship during life is not a secret. However, statistics - from the Durex Company - also says that more than 25 percent of 16 to 20-year-old students are failing to use condoms when they have sex with a new partner. It means that young people are not taking adequate precautions. This essay will tell you why students should not have unprotected sex. The first reason why students should stay away from unprotected sex is that they need to take high moral ground. Arriving at college as a freshman is an exciting experience and beginning of “firsts”. They live on their own for the first time; they have freedom from home first time and they have their first sexual experiences. It is necessary for students to understand why it is so important to have sex for the right reason, not just to fit in with their peer group. If students want to act responsibly, they should not have unprotected sex.
The second reason why students should stay away of unprotected sex is pregnancy. When it happens to students, it can bring many problems. Students have no experience how to handle a situation like this. Most of them are still dependant on their parents’s help and they are lost when something awful happens. Especially for girls, it is a psychical and emotional shock being pregnant. Unprotected sex and its consequences can be the reason for parenthood and marriage. Being a parent needs more responsibility because a child is not a toy. To look after somebody takes plenty of time and it costs money. Therefore, if students want to have a family at the right time, they should not have unprotected sex. Finally, the most important reason why students should stay away from unprotected sex is health. There are several diseases that can be contracted or passed if students do not protect themselves. Sexually transmitted diseases can range from chlamydia to more serious diseases, such as syphilis and the incurable disease, genital herpes. Hepatitis is also dangerous. Hepatitis is the inflammation of liver and it is marked by other symptoms like jaundice, fever or gastrointestinal symptoms. The most dangerous STD is the human immunodeficiency virus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, known as AIDS.

Health is another reason why students should obstain from unprotected sex.
To sum it up, students that have safe sex will be healthy and live a better life. Being responsible regarding questions of sex and parenthood, will keep them in good mental health. Why to take a risk?.

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