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Scotland is geographically and socially divided into the Highland and the Lowlands. Besides English Gaelic (/Scottish English) is spoken too. Scottish people are tough, mountain people grouped in tribes or clans. Scotland is not an independent country. The Act of union in 1707 united Scotland with England and abolished the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. (Now it has its parliament again)
Edinburgh is one of Britain's most attractive. It is a city for people who like to walk as there are many green parks, gardens and hills. It is a busy modern city but history is everywhere. It was home of the Scottish kings and queens until 1603. Royal Mile begins at the old castle and goes eastwards to Holyrood Castle.
The Scots are proud with a strong sense of tradition. The Highlands games or Scottish Olympics are very popular all over the world. They include various events: throwing a hammer, tossing a caber (tree trunk) but also dancing competition, f. e. flynn and sword-dance. The athletes, dancers, pipers, all competitors and also the judges are dressed in kilts. Kilts are national Scottish dresses (/costumes) and they are from tartan cloths. To make a kilt takes 8 metres. They are worn by men and women but men's have a pocket.
The national instrument of Scotland are bag pipes made from leather covered in tartan. Scotland has many lakes which they call lochs. Best known is Loch Ness and its "monster" is a tourist attraction. Fishing in Scotland is both sport and work. To catch a salmon in a Scottish river needs skill and experience because it is strong and difficult to catch.

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