Record that I admire

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Record that I admire

Nowadays there are many people with special abilities who have broken certain world records. It was very difficult for me to decide who I should write about. Finally, I have chosen a person who is well known not only in our city, but also all over the world.
The person that I would like to introduce is known as an „Iron Man“. You probably already know who I mean. His name is Juraj Barbarič. He was born in Košice and became very famous especially due to his enormous strenght. He has already broken several world records and you can also find his name in Guiness´s World Record Book. The records that he has broken are for example: he managed to pull the tram packed with people or he managed to pull huge plane. Can you imagine how much strengh does he have to have to pull such heavy subjects?! For me it is unbeliveable. His latest record was the one with new Škoda Fabia. These cars went through his chest but at this time this record has almost cost him a life. What happened was that the special board that he had on his chest broke down and the car fell straight on to his chest. There were several men who had to help him to get out from this huge load. He ended up with some broken ribbs, damaged chest and some other injuries. He had to be taken to hospital. Even this bad experience Juraj Barbarič said that he wanted to continue in breaking the world records but he didn´t leak what he would do as the next record.

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