Important people and events of Slovakia

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Important people and events of Slovakia

The history of Slovakia has not been smooth and problems free and is connected with the semi-mythical figure of the ruler Samo (623-658). Towards the end of the 9th century the process of unification began to extend to the territory of present Slovakia and the GREAT MORAVIAN EMPIRE was founded by Mojmir I. During the reign of his nephew and successor Rastislav the Great Moravian Empire came to the fore in Europe of that time through an alliance with the Byzantium Empire. Rastislav sent messengers to Byzantium Empire in 862 to request for a Christian mission. The arrival of Constantinius and Methodius (863) marked the culture development of the territory. Then during Svatopluk´s reign. Methodius became Archbishop of Pannonia. But later during the reign of Svatopluk´s successor Mojmir II. Magyar tribes had settled down near the Danube and taken over the heritage of the Avars. Soon after that the Great Moravian Empire succumbed to the Magyar raiders. After the fall of GME the Slovaks lived in multi-national state in which our name was forbidden and forgotten for almost 1000 year.

In 1787 Anton Bernolak aspired to unify the Slovaks on a language basis but his effort didn´t meet with success Despite that many of the poets and thinkers of that period came from Slovakia, the most important being Jan Kollar, Pavol Jozef Safarik, Jan Holly as well as many others. In 1843 Ludovit Stur, Miroslav Hurban and Michal Miloslav Hodza proclaimed the independent Slovak language.
On 24th May 1918 the Slovaks declared in Trenciansky sv. Martin that they´d like to live in union with the Czechs.
In the summer 1919 the Hungarian government made an attack on South Slovakia which was beaten of only with great difficulty. Though the Peace of Trianon stabilized the frontiers, the Hungarians didn´t agree with that.

On March 14th, 1939-1945 Tiso, Tuka and Mach proclaimed the existence of the free state of Slovakia.
The important historical event during World war II. Was the Slovak National Uprising in August 1944, which broke out in Banska Bystrica.

After the WW II. both nations Czechs and Slovaks were connected again into Federal Republik Czechoslovakia. But in January 1st 1993 they were separated into two states- The Slovak Republic and Czech Republic.

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