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Datum: 08. listopadu 2014
vybrane slova http://www.zones.sk/studentske-prace/gramatika/3490-vybrane-slova-po-b-m-p-r-s-v-z-l/ vybrane slova
Die Mets dachte zunächst Cespedes auf linken Feld beschränkt sein würde, aber jetzt Manager Terry Collins ist komfortabel mit Cespedes im Center Field gegen Rechtshänder pitching. Cespedes machte es deutlich bei der Ankunft dieses Center-Feld ist eine Position, die er genießt.
Nadpis: Re: scvae
Datum: 26. října 2015
It is advisable to keep to the last applications that you have installed on your phone, because the most common is that with each update have been introduced improvements that affect both the performance of the device and battery consumption. In the same way, it is advisable to have recent versions of the operating system that runs to your terminal. For example, Apple has introduced in iOS 9, released a few weeks ago, the "Battery saving mode" option, and the new 6.0 Android Marshmallow incorporates functions "Doze", which reduces consumption when the phone is at rest, and "App Standby", which provides the power required by applications at any time.